Invisible fingers grab at my ears
Tickling them with noises sensations
Little vibrations in my bloodstream
Music that cannot be repeated

Its voice is like thunder
Crashing into my bones
Shattering all of what is me
And yet I hear the wind
So soft my senses strain
Just to grasp the smallest hint
Of what may be sound

There is endlessness
Because there is no silence
Because it cannot be contained
Not with fingers or boxes
Or thoughts or even voices
It is endless

Simply because it exists
Or does it really
The philosophies of what we feel
Touch taste see and hear
Is laughter sound or state of mind
Are kisses real or fruitless imagination
I am silent

Yet my body breathes
In out in out in out
And I can feel my pulse
Pump blood everything but outside
Telling me that I am truly alive
Even if my soul went somewhere else
So there really is no silence

And I can only be discontent in it all