In a dream, but in reality
I run far away from my blinding mind
And cry for one last time,
That the sun is not with me.

My head turned to the sky,
My hands cupped in prayer,
Let the sun shine one last time,
And in the end, let loneliness be.

Scroll down until the end of time
Never-ending Truth rides on sunlight
I dance of Content one last time,
Into the fantasyland of a soulful fright.

In a coma, but fully awake
I frown at every thought of the sun,
How it hides away in the blanket of unspoken wrath!
But brings me the hand that lives.

Happiness lies, imagination dies
Forever seeking the warmth of a new time
I gaily sing the Praise of the sun
Along the riverbed of daisies prime.

Asleep in my bed, but wandering far away
My mind wonders about my darling sun
Stars brightly lit and glowing until lights it lay
A sun-less life has now begun.