Two petals of one rose sleep together
In the home they have found
Consoling each other with their auras
Two beings part of one.
A strong wind blows
Rippling them, trying to tear them apart
But the two hold on,
Lingering to each other,
Chained to the other's part.

Marveled, I move closer
A hidden smile on my lips
I reach out and barely touch,
One of them with my finger of Death.

The petal moves but it is not perturbed
Having suffered my embrace
Still it stays entwined
In the dark rose of their home.

Satisfied, I walk away
Realizing the petals will never part
Having become one,
They will sleep in synchronized harmony.

But alas!
A petal woefully falls to the ground
Parted from the other,
It cries no tears
And judges no fears.

I run to the petal
And ask it,
"Why depart?"
and the petal replies,
"my daughter!
The strongest of the forces have tried,
But failed for us to part.
Now the slightest thing has occurred,
A subtle longing to be free,
And now I shall leave,
A newness in which I must start."

Lighting flashes down and strikes
Burnt is the lone petal
Still clinging to the deathly rose,
But in vain,
That one day,
She will see her lover again.