Um.. disjointed prose/poetry piece. Not much to say, if you wanna know more about it message or email me and I'll tell you. The rhyming section is supposed to be lowercased like it is, I have my own demented reasons for doing such. Thanks for reasing, please review, if it isn't a bother, constructive criticism is welcome.

Monster Me

I see it- in my mind
crouched, in a corner
a complete absence of light

I hear it- in my brain
hissing, and growling
reaching out to where I am

I feel it- in my head
climbing, on the walls
digging rough into my skull

"Hate, Hate, Hate."

hissing, growling, it's crouching down
clawing, digging, into the ground

taking hold of my fragile mind
rips into shreds anything kind

never sleeping, always awake
ready to grab all it can take

whispering hate steady and sure
holding my head, knowing it's Her

raking sharp claws against my scalp
whithering pain, a cry for help

pulling my hair to get Her out
useless attempt, then comes the doubt

knowledge of me, how can it work
oh here it comes, deafening smirk

distorted face, look at those eyes
darker, for sure; but frightningly mine

how can it be, nothing is true
looking at Her, what can I do

fighting myself, this thing will win
I will accept, but never befriend

Monster; Her
Monster; Me.