Four Sectionals


Four girls chose to write how they felt in a single poem during one mathematics class. Each line is from a different heart, telling a different story of love. Each girl has their own interpretation on the subject – and their own heartfelt spasms of pain towards it. The one in italics is from a girl who loves a guy who won't reciprocate. The one underlined is from a girl who wishes to find a love as great as her past love. The one in bold is from a girl who is denying a guy since her cousin loves him instead. The one in normal font is from a girl who recently broke off from a guy she was dating.

Baby, you felt so right

Those beautiful moments, those painful nights

They pierce me inside; thoughts of you

And in the end, you still don't have a clue

Are you going to walk away?

Even though I know the truth, I just cannot say

Why do you do this to me? Why won't you stay?

Nothing you can do anymore – can make me okay.

Cause I have no more strength left

Oh, of my soul I've been bereft

Can't sleep, can't breathe, you're killing me inside

So in the chambers of my heart, my emotions hide

What goes on inside is a mystery no doubt

I'm so confused; I wish your feelings you'd just shout

Instead of putting on this façade; that everything's alright

The spark in your eyes, its shines so bright

Underneath this smile, a web I weave

It started the day I saw you leave

You left me shattered in this secretive rain

And all my tears trickling down the drain …

I can't do this it's too damn painful))

Plee for Review:

If you can, please tell me what you think of the poem. It really means a lot because this one really hits close to home. It is real, and true. Please review and tell me sincerely what you felt when you read it. Thank you.