Groundbreakers 2.0


During one of our boring lectures we decided to write on romance. "We" include three girls and a boy. It didn't exactly turn out the way we pictured it to. But it was some conclusion either way.

Images pasted on the corridors

Faded, yellow, capturing the moment

I walk along, memories flooded

Memories of the past I heard

As loudly as can be

As clearly I can see

Shred them, burn them – no longer real

Echoes of the past trapped between my ears

Lingering thoughts, it hurts

Rekindling my fears

When he first appeared at my doorstep

He made me lose my balance – I fell

And I rolled and tumbled down the hill .

He then gave me an AA cell

And then beside me listened to an iPod standing still

The song in my eardrums was the beating of his heart

And my own stopped as – he reached out and grabbed my butt

And that reminds me of that Indian thing squeezing that Chinese thing :p

I definitely made him feel like King

And I danced like a queen in front of him – there

Baring my sweaty breasts for all to see

And as sweat trickled down I started to get horny

And got down to my knee

His face inflated, a crimson balloon

As I did him good, right on the table …

All over the table – a mess

Just like my homework

And like how Raju forced the pen, scratching the table

I finished him off

And I coughed

Choking on the ecstasy

Feeling the universe is mine

Mine for free!

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Raju the main character from one of our Literature novels "The Guide" by R.K. Narayan