Confessions On The Boardwalk

You were there, but now you're not

My only wish is that you haven't forgot

Forgotten what a great friend you were to me

Just sitting together, sharing our thoughts about how the world should be

All those idle days we had in school

All those times I confided in you

But time moved on, you left me here

And not till months later did I notice a tear

Not a tear of friendship, but at tear of love

With a bleeding heart, this life I roughed

I thought of you day, I thought of you night

Then I quit thinking of you, just out of spite

But the world kept on turning, and my heart began to heal

I grew up and realized what's gone and what's real

Moons later, when only scars remained

I realized, to my dismay, there was no wick to keep you aflame

Where we last met, I come now with a flower and a tear in my eye

I also have a poem of how I lost you then I loved you. This is my goodbye.