Who are you?
After so long
After I gave all I had
How could you do me so wrong?

After all our time
After all my test
You leave it up to some papers
To see if I am second best

You took all our plans
All my hard work toward the end
You took our dreams
And made me nothing again

Why would you do this?
How could you do it to me?
I loved you with all my heart
But you couldn't just let it be

You had to look for someone else
Then lie to my face
For a whole month I knew it
But you wouldn't leave just in case

How could you be so cold?
And hurt me in that way
You were never the cheating type
But you did it everyday

You became someone different
Someone I despise
You went from my angel
To a devil in disguise

You try to justify
Each and every one of your lies
But I know you are the thing a hate
I can see it in your eyes

You cheated on me
You should have never done it
You shouldn't have even been in his room
You were with me you piece of shit

You could have told me the truth
And just let me go
I would have managed better
Than finding out what I know

So go ahead
Feel no remorse
It will come around to you
As karma runs its course

And when you are broken
And hurt inside
Just remember how I felt
The day who I thought was you died