Radio blasting in the middle of the night

Blankets stripped of your bed…

Stars painting your window panes

Air caressing your face from through the screen

Head lying on your windowsill

Dreams glazing your eyes

Contaminating your thoughts

Love is entwined into your praying hands

And tears are a cool relief on this summer night

Beauty is seen in these constellations

And the striking moon light

And you are starting to wish sleep would encase you

Yet you don't want this feeling of freedom to end

The gold pages of your Bible beside you

Smile as you whisper prayers

And suddenly everything is in its place again

The music in the background fades

Your head hits the pillow

You are back where you are suppose to be

Eyes closed

Head in the clouds

And the cool atmosphere lulls you back to rest

With Christ on your mind

Love in your heart

And tranquility deep inside