Chapter 12

"Avery…Avery!" Caden voice said. Avery opened her eye. It was five thirty am and she was tired.

"No!" she declared stubbornly. Caden rubbed his face in annoyance as Avery snuggled deeper into her covers.

"I'll dump water on you." Caden said. Avery closed her eyes. A few minutes later cold water had been thrown on her. Avery glared at Caden as they made there was to the car, sorry SUV.

"I hate you." Avery said. Her hair was wet and she was in the same clothes from yesterday. Caden rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Sure and I'm a girl." Caden said. Avery huffed but said nothing.

Avery woke when the SUV stopped; it was right in front of Caden's mansion. Caden was unloading the car. The hired help swarmed in on them. Avery and Caden we feed and showered.

"We're not going to visit my family?" Avery asked. Caden looked at her.

"Nah…I'm too tired and so are you." Caden said. Avery smiled, he was right.

"Where do I sleep?" Avery asked. Caden grinned and showed her to Alea's room when she stayed with them. It was pink, pink and some yellow and green but mostly pink. Stuffed animals, books, and toys littered the room though it looked like no one had been in there for months.

"My God!" Avery gasped. Caden nodded yawning.

"I'm across the hall." he told her.

"Okay…" Avery said. She frowned to herself

Avery couldn't sleep, she didn't know why either. She went down stairs to look for the kitchen. She found it twenty minutes later, brownies and milk were out on the table as if they knew someone who want a late night snack. Avery sat down and took a brownie.

"What are you doing up?" asked Caden. Avery turned to look at him. He was shirtless, he looked good.

"I couldn't sleep" Avery explained.

"Yeah…I always get up a midnight for a late night snack. They always leave something different each night. I was hoping for pineapple. Oh well." Caden shrugged while grabbing a brownie.

"I thought it was odd have a plate of brownies here." Avery smiled.

"So tomorrow we go to school." Caden said. He watched Avery for a second and she nodded.

"Yeah…listen Caden…" Avery began.

"Can I kiss you?" Caden asked cutting her off. Avery looked up at Caden. She stared at him a little confused.

"I guess but we have to…" Avery started. Caden had caught her mid sentence with a kiss. At first Avery was in shock but then she just fell into the kiss. He mouth opened for a deeper kiss, their tongues tested each other.

"Sorry…" Caden said as they came up for air, "what were you say?"

"Before we go to school we have to get my school stuff. But it doesn't really matter." Avery said. She grabbed Caden back for another kiss.

"Okay…we should…" Caden tried to say.

"It's late." Avery said. The brownies were gone and so was the milk. Their making out had not stopped though.

"Yeah…wanna share a bed?" Caden asked hesitatively. Avery nodded.


Avery and Caden were late for school; they had over slept and then rushed to Avery's house to get her back pack. They walked onto the office; the secretary stared at the two of them as though she'd seen a ghost. She quickly got up and went to the principal's office. She then walked back to her desk before looking at them sternly.

"The principal would like to see you." she said. Avery paled; Caden pulled her closer to him. It was widely know what a nerd Avery could be.

"But we're late for class." Avery said a glance at Caden who shrugged.

"It's more than that." she said softly. Avery sighed but walked into the office Caden not far behind her. The Principal of course wasn't there, just them. Caden closed the door.

"Caden don't do that!" Avery said as he closed it. Caden merely smirked at her before walking back to his seat.

"I always wanted to look through his desk." Caden told her. Avery raised an eyebrow and huffed. Caden walked to Mr. Nappi's desk, he seat with his fingers lased and microphone in front of him. He pretended to turn it on.

"Caden what are you doing?" Avery asked alarmed that he would even touch the principal's things.

"I'm just playing." Caden said.

"What if Mr. Nappi walks in here! I bet we're here because we missed school without any notes!" Avery said.

Meanwhile around the school Caden's voice suddenly echoed. Blair smirked at the groups of girls stopping to hear what he had to say and teacher's sighed with annoyance.

"Avery relax we're not going to get in trouble." Caden's voice said.

"How do you know? I have a clean record what if I don't get into any colleges because I got a mark on my record? What if…" Avery voice began but was cut off. Soft moans and gasps were heard throughout the school, everyone stared and listened. Blair stiffened…Avery London her best friend was doing god knows what with Caden Standford in the Principal's office.

"Not here Caden what if…" A kissing noise was heard and some girls gasped then giggled, then in the classes they heard:

"You think too much. I can only get you to shut up if I do this…"

"Caden…" Avery half said half moan as he sat her on top the desk. Caden smirked at her before kissing her again. Avery lost herself in those kisses until she got a splinter. She stiffened and Caden looked to see what the problem was.

"Ouch." Avery said. Caden looked down to see what was wrong seeing the splinter he inspected wondering if he could remove it. Caden kissed Avery's forehead before he tried. Avery tried to smile at him which made him smirk.

"Here just…" Caden began but was cut off by Avery.

"No, no it's too big." Adam heard Avery's voice say. His eyes widened and his friends backed away. They had seen Adam get angry when one guy even looked at his sister but his best friend having sex with her, and everyone able to hear, they headed for the hills.

"I'll be gentle, don't worry." Caden's voice said. Blair couldn't help but glance at Adam, her prayers were with Caden, and Adam's face was growing red.

"What if it hurts?" Avery asked fear laced throughout her voice. Adam's fists were on his desk and he glared at the speaker in the classroom. All eyes were on him.

"Shh…" Caden told Avery as he looked at it some more. The skin around the splinter was red; he looked for something to help get it out without using his hands.

"It's stuck isn't it." Avery said after a minute. Caden smiled at her, he kissed her neck. If he distracted her while taking it out it wouldn't hurt her that much.

"Caden…" Avery whispered. The principal, who was in the teacher's lounge, was in shock, along with the other teachers. He stared transfixed at the loud speaker his face speaking volumes.

"Almost there." Caden voice told Avery.

"Oh…Caden…" Avery's voice said. She didn't want to look as he pulled it out.

"See?" Caden said showing Avery her splinter. Avery smiled as he held it for her to see, he would love holding this over her. Avery wished the desk were made of something else then wood. She even wondered why Mr. Nappi had used a gift from his ex son-in-law for his desk.

"Wow it's really big! And it didn't even hurt that much…" Avery couldn't help but say. Caden chuckled; he kissed her the world forgotten. There was yelling shouts and knocking on the door that brought the back to earth.

"Mr. Standford, Ms. London open this door at once!" came Mr. Nappi's voice.

"Oh…? Did you lock the door?" Avery asked.

"I don't think I did." Caden said. At the point in time the whole school stopped one thing and one thing only had sunk into their brains: Caden Standford had had sex with Adam London's twin sister Avery in the principal's office.

"It's open?" asked Adam.

"Yeah…" Avery replied as her brother and principal entered the room. The found Avery sitting on top of the desk, Caden's hands on her waist and messy haired.

"Why are you touching my sister?" Adam asked. Caden looked at his hands and backed away from Avery. The principal turned off the loud speaker and looked between Avery and Caden.

"What happened between you two is not allowed in school…" Mr. Nappi began.

"What are you talking about? People kiss all the time in the hallways." Avery said getting mad. Adam looked at her and sneered, as if she had done something far worse.

"Don't play with me Avery, the whole school heard the both of you. How long? God, I swore to protect you from the boys at this school but you…" Adam said trying to clam himself.

"You had to go and sleep with her! I won't allow it. How could you go behind my back! She was the one thing I told you never to get near, flirt, or even think about going out with! And you Avery Mom and Dad, who've been worried sick by the way, will be hearing about this!" Adam shouted. Caden didn't back away from his raging best friend, in fact he was smiling.

"Ah…Adam…" Avery said hiding a smiled much better than Caden. Adam's eyes narrowed as he looked at his sister. Avery chuckled and Caden in with her, everyone else looked confused.

"Yes?" he said his voice calm. Adam's hands were still in fist and he had taken steps towards Caden not Avery, his eyes narrowed on the pair.

"Caden was just getting a splinter out for me. See?" Avery said holding up the medium size splinter. Adam stared at Caden for a second, he began to calm down, Avery rolled her eyes.

"Oh…right…" Adam said. Avery just smiled. The Principal stood there looking at the splinter with disbelief on his face. There was an awkward silence with Caden and Avery grinning at each other.

"Adam is it okay if I date Avery?" Caden asked after a moment of awkward silence seemed to go on to long. Adam looked at his sister; he wanted what was best for her, which wasn't Caden.

"He's a player Avery why do you want to go out with him?" Adam asked. Everyone watched Avery as she looked at Caden for a second then her brother.

"Because I like him." she stated. Caden smiled but frowned when he saw the way Adam was looking. He was staring at her but he was really in la-la land, thinking.

"I like her back if that helps any." Caden told Adam as he continued to stare at his sister. Adam nodded his head at that but didn't say a word. Caden shifted as the principal walked closer to his desk.

"If you don't touch her in any way until you marry her…" Adam said. Avery raised an eyebrow with a frown on her face. Caden looked at Adam with a sigh, he was the sole reason Avery had never been asked out, no matter what school she went to.

"But what if we never get married?" Avery asked Adam. Adam smirked with a look towards Caden. Avery glared at her brother as he challenge Caden who didn't take the bait.

"Then you'll be just fine. Right Caden?" Adam asked. Caden nodded with a smirk to Avery that read what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

"We'll be great…so what college are you going to again?" Caden asked the room. Adam narrowed his eyes.

"Brown, I told you this Caden." Adam replied. Caden then looked at Avery who shook her head; he'd wanted to know how far Adam would be from her school thus enabling them to further their relationship when the time came.

"Ah…college in DC." Avery supplied with a grin towards her brother. Adam narrowed his eyes when the principal cleared his throat. Caden opened his mouth to say something but closed it and looked at the principal.

"Why don't we all go back to class? We'll just forget about this…" Mr. Nappi said. The three of them walked back to their classes, Avery and Caden said a short good-bye while Adam loomed in the background. School passed as normal as expect for the stares and whispers Avery kept getting glares from most of the female population.

"So how was your vacation?" asked Blair as they in their favorite spot. Blair had shared the latest gossip from when she had been gone. The only problem with it was the gossip was about her and Caden. One rumor was that she had gotten pregnant and Adam had sent her away, that person was beaten up by Adam. Then her favorite one was that she and Caden were having an affair leaving for Africa because his parents didn't like her. Avery bit her apple thinking and smiled looking at Blair who hadn't changed a bit.

"It was great." she replied.

The End

Well this is it...not proud of this piece. Wrote half when I was so young and then tried to finish it because I'd put it up on Fictionpress. Any way maybe I'll put up a new story soon...hope you enjoyed this. Oh and the reason why this is early is because I didn't want to write a few essays for my Global Issues class. Lilly