Change comes fast and hard

LIfe's set path is unknown

And a day will come when a storm hits

And we're forced to go on alone

I cannot stay here in your arms

Not fated to be that way

Minds made up and tides turned

And now I know I cannot stay

Shed your tears and say farewell

But for me you need not pray

For no matter how long I'm gone

I promise to return someday

The things we've seen and done

And bonds we've made

Will remain with us wherever I go

Our memories will never fade

Remember me when I am gone

And we'll never truly be apart

I'll come to you when you need me most

If I'm forever in your heart

Light and darkness are part of us all

And cannot be denied

Keep your light burning strong when all others go out

And know some things you cannot hide

And wherever I end up someday

Never fail to see

That even if I'm not near you

You'll always be with me

Because there will be times you'll have to fight

Without me by your side

And I hope then more than ever you hold on

When all hope seems to have died

Keep strong for me when I am gone

For we're never truly apart

I'll be thinking of you while you're dreaming of me

Given you're forever in my heart

Days will turn to weeks

And months will turn to years

And there very well may come a day

Where my voice has left your ears

But you need not worry my friend

No apology or repent

For memories are not the most important thing

But simply what they meant

And even if you forget

And my face begins to fade

It will never be able to change what is

The promise to you I made

Still waiting, you are

For what, you can't recall

And it's then that I'll appear on the horizon

And your heart will reveal it all