I wish i could help with all i am
but im finding it hard seeing if i can
you are the light at the begining of the tunnel,
pulling me in like juice in a funnel.
i want to run, i want to hide
but you are my sister in whom i confide.
i want to run but i look in your eyes
and after that its hard to survive
i see the pain that you must bare
so many people could really not care.
recovery is a path we all must take
please remember its for your own sake.
i might seem cruel, heartless and unfair,
but i know the pain i have even been there.
ive gone away from this serious vice
but seeing you makes me think twice
did i give it up right, did i leave you behind?
if i did why do i feel like this all of the time ?
Dearest sister in whom i confide,
im finding it hard to look in your eyes
to see the pain and anguish and grief,
for some reason i feel like a thief
for getting better and leaving you be,
i feel like the blind who never did see.