Cut me open, watch me bleed
Take all I want, take all I need
Settle for no less than death
Make me immobile, make me forget

Watch me surrender to my weakness
Watch me lie instead of confess
Laugh at my hurting, smile at my pain
Sit and stare at my blood drain

Empty my feelings, take away my help
Make it so I hate myself
Fuck with my emotions, toy with my heart
Hold me together just to tear me apart

Do the honours, I insist
Cos I cant handle more marks on my wrist
Rip out my heart just to see the scars on it
Cos really, these days I don?t give a shit

Confuse me, use me, throw me away
Pretend to care, pretend to stay
Pretend to love me, so I?ll love you
Even after all you put me through

Tear me open, rip me apart
Fool me into willingly handing over my heart
Kill me before I surrender to another kiss
Because nothing can hurt more than this