beautiful essence of spiteful wrath
trickling down my gel like face
using ethos, pathos, and logos
wondering who will hear me
closed within the pristine box
my anguish pleas are muffled
and scarlet letter placed upon
my bleeding skin of solace
happy art thou Bethlehem
where were you in my darkest
hypocrisy and Laodicean
these my only symbols
with evil mind and forked tongue
my banishment assured
forgive my dreadful ways I beg
but you no longer hear me
no longer bride or church
i have become the harlot
cast me down and burn me out
of my pitiful existence
i am no longer whole or real
just death and vacant
so hollow laughs and empty gaze
these my only friends
and I am alone, your happy now
and I am too...I'm gone