I'm Not a Goddess


You look at me and say

How you wish you could be me


The smartest

Thinking I'm the parent's precious angel

The sweet little girl always looking out for others

But I will scream at you

How I'm not that person

I try, like you.

It may seem I am


I am not an outer spirit

I'm a shell seeking peace

Don't look at me if you're

Trying to find perfection-

For I'll break that reflection

Don't speak my name

If it's only the use of a follower

Don't you see

Say my name not

When trying to heighten your pride

As you think I do

I'm not a goddess

That if I've given you blessings

You'll be inhuman

I'm just a spirit

Yes, I hurt people

Yes, I try to hate, but fail….

I've made so many mistakes

Yes, I can break people's heart

Yes, I try to pierce myself to get the angered blood to leak

Yes, I cry more than I smile

What else can I do?

I'm only human.

Not a goddess

So don't look up to me so high

Cause believe me,

I'm as low as dirt can go

Please don't be jealous,

Because I'm jealous of you

I'm no goddess,

If I were, I'd be dead

If I were, I'd be insane

If I were, I wouldn't be me

Would I?

I'm only human…