There's nothing worse than being invisible, I want to scream, I'm here you know, I'm a person, and I can see you, walking by, ignoring me, acting like I'm nothing, and if you don't look at me, I'll go away, but it doesn't work like that, closing your eyes won't make me go away, I'm not a bad dream, I'm real, and I'm just like you, you could be me, you think we are worlds apart but it's not like that, we have more in common then you think, you could be me, you could be invisible, and I could be you, important, powerful, noticeable, but that's life, life's not fair, I know that better than anybody, and so do you, but you hate it, that unfairness would eat away at you if you acknowledged it, the guilt would kill you, you can't handle it, so you look away, and if a brief moment of awkward eye contact ever occurs, it's pity mixed with disgust in your eyes, I'm less than human to you, less than an animal, the lowest form of life, and you can't spare a penny on a beast like me, a menace to society, a druggie, a crazy, somebody below you, a parasite, not worthy of recognition, of eye contact, certainly not a smile, not acknowledgement that we are in this world together and we're both human, no, you don't think I deserve even that, so you don't see me, I'm invisible.