Three Little Words

She doesn't know how to tell him she loves him.

It's just three little words, but it's such an overused phrase that it's spawned millions of cheesy Hallmark cards, romance novels, and movies. It's also launched millions of one-night stands, infidelities, and abortions. Personally, Rani thinks it should be excised from the English language altogether, but there are dozens of other languages too.

So when she realizes she's in love with her boyfriend, it's quite a predicament. Even worse, this isn't a guy she can discard like the other rejects littered on the pavement of her past. This is Danny - the best friend/next door neighbor.

"Just how trite are we?" she'd said to Danny when he asked her out four months ago. "Don't you think it's kind of... spooky? Pseudo-incest? Next thing you know, we'll still be together twenty years later, fat and old and bitter because we couldn't find anyone else."

He'd grinned at her, his hazel eyes sparkling. "No chance. I'd sign you up for a gym membership, so you'll never get fat." And for that, he'd gotten two punches and three wadded up napkins thrown at him.

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