He's used to an open relationship in the sense that they're not going to tell anyone, and that they're not actually only seeing each other. He's completely used to it. Just...maybe not as used to it as he normally is. Ryan's wasted, completely wasted, hitting on a teenager who's working at the wedding their at, while Mitch is just kind of...watching. Being that he's drunk, it's "okay" for him to sit there, his arm slung around Mitch's shoulders while he slurs his words to the group of smokers around him. They've been outside for the last two hours, waiting for their ride. Which is where everything has taken place.

He's not afraid of losing Ryan, never afraid of losing Ryan, especially not to some fucking emo kid thing that's working at the wedding, because he knows that even if they ended up having sex, Ryan would kick his ass out of his house, and things would be alright with them again. It's their way; it's their understanding. Mitch doesn't get jealous. It's not in the rules for him to be jealous.

So when he sees Ryan with his arm slung around the teen, who looks kind of uncomfortable, he can't understand or help the feeling he gets in the pit of his stomach. He loves Mitch, and even though it's taken him a good 48 hours of no sleep to finally come to terms with that, he's going to tell him. If he doesn't strangle him first. The teen finally pulls away, Mitch still watching, and Ryan kind of holds his hands up in defensive. Mitch can hear his voice, carrying across the music. "Hey, man, sorry," he glances between the two as Ryan spins around and turns to hit on someone else.

Mitch really can't wait to get back home. When their ride finally gets there, designated driver still happy as ever, smile on his face as he opens the doors for everyone, Mitch's immediate thought is to stare daggers at him, but his attention is focused on keeping Ryan out from underneath the van.

"Sorry I'm so late. We had a bit of a mixup. I got halfway here before I had to go back - they gave me the wrong car," he kind of smiles, sheepishly, and at Ryan's tone of voice, he can definitely tell he's flirting again.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't worry about it. It would've been nce if you showed up, though. We missed you," our driver just kind of raises an eyebrow as the teen comes back up. Ryan waves at him a little, to which the kid glares at him.

"Get in the back," he says, pushing him farther into the van. Ryan protests, but Mitch just glares at him, pressing his hand harder into his back. "Get in the back." he obeys.

By the time they finally make it back home, Mitch can't decide if he should jump Ryan, proving how jealous he is, if he should slap him, proving how pissed off he is, or if he should just go to sleep, proving a lot of things. Ryan decides for him when he snakes an arm around Mitch's waist and pulls him onto the bed.

"I thought you said you were cool with this," he finally slurs, turning to look at Mitch through half open eyes.

"I was. I mean, I did. And I am. It's just that sometimes, you do this, and get really attached. It's hard for me to let it happen," Mitch looks at him, making eye contact, and he just kind of blinks, watching him some more.

"It was just a little innocent flirting,"

"There's no such thing as innocent flirting, not when it comes to you," he retorts, and turns over, so he's not facing him. "I'm going to sleep."

"Come on, what's wrong? I wasn't planning on getting anywhere with anyone there. I don't know if they're related or if they're off limits or anything," Ryan answers, laying a hand on Mitch's shoulder.

"Just...watching you with that teen, watching you try to hook up with him, it...hurt. And I know I said I was okay with this, this relationship...this situation. But I'm not. I want you for myself, Ry. And not because I'm a greedy guy."

"Bullshit," Ryan snorts, and rolls over. "Okay. Whatever. If you're going to be that way, I'm going to sleep. We'll talk in the morning,"


They do. They talk for a good two hours, about what it'd be like, and that they have to worry about hitting milestones. Ryan, no longer drunk, is completely freaking out, while Mitch continues on in his soft, easygoing manner, telling him everything that's going to change. Ryan expresses his concern, telling Mitch he's never had a relationship with only one person before him. He's always been in open ones. They go on for a long time, worry and fear subsiding as Mitch finally steals their first 'actual couple' kiss from Ryan. Mitch smiles as Ryan responds, finally convinced that what he said would end up okay. That there might be a chance for them. As a real couple.

so this was supposed to take a lot different turn, being that they're based on two people i've seen...that may or may not have been screwing in a public bathroom (according to my cousins cousnin, at least) and anyway, it came out a lot different. i even had a few scenes that started all this and it didn't fit it. oh well. and also, this is a shared computer, so i have to put it up the way it is because i have to...but i'll rewrite it when i get on my own computer. i apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes, and i really will rewrite it sometime. yayyy...