Little book based on lies

How phoney can you be?

Showing the world my dramatized story

That only I don't see

Your pages start with friendship

For the person who gift-wrapped you

Words were used so carefully

If only their meaning were true

But truth is a luxury too expensive

If we are to write something worth reading

And not some petty sob story

That only we know the meaning

So which will I be writing

And which are pages torn

Whichever I choose to write

My words will be full of scorn

In this book I'll tell you

That you are who I hate

And that even if you try

You will never earn a clean slate

Disbelief controls my mind

And you have stabbed my heart

In my book of lies

You play the villain's part

In here I could even tell you

To die and go to hell

And you don't even care

Because your hearts no more than a shell

Right now I am telling you

That I am a mess from crying

And how would you know the truth

From the surrounding clouds of lying