Convincing herself he loved her

Only tore her apart

He left without any

-rhyme or reason-

Just dropped a memory

Sealed the silence with a kiss

And he headed out the door

He didn't care that he hurt her

In his suddenness

And outrage

-he didn't care at all-

Was it that he was hurt?

Then why didn't he tell her?

He knows that this silence

Is ripping her to shreds

She gave up things for him

-like minutes, hours, days-

He knows it…

He knows that she's dying inside

So he let's his laugh scorn her further

But he's not thinking of her at all


She's no longer on his mind

Not since he stopped liking her…

Yet she can't wrap her finger around the cause

She can only write



And try not to

S c r e a m

Or beat him for an explanation

Of why he left

Without any rhyme or reason

Without an answer or good-bye

He left her standing in a rainstorm

Of her tears

By her window sill

Holding onto her pillow tight

Wishing he was there…

He left her in agony

Without rhyme or reason…