Testing the Teenage Limits

(A/N: I dunno, different from what I usually write, but yeahh. Suggestions on how to improve always welcome, along with criticsm and reviews!)

"And I just can't take this anymore!"
She screams to me, heartache in her voice.
Oh God, what I wouldn't give
To heal her petty wounds
When I've suffered so many of my own
The familiarity in her voice,
With its longing for something that I can't quite name
Maybe it's just the want for that future our parents intended for us
Bigger and better and brighter than their own
Or a chance to screw up what the system has planned
And not become the stereotypical statistic that we have morphed too.
But I'm too caught up in the breeze of life
To understand the rest of the worlds problems
Besides, who can really relate?
To the cliché of a teenage heartbreak
We are oceans apart,
And miles alike
But I'll never admit what's true
I'm in love and you're a truism
It doesn't matter,
I still have hope for our future.