A driven, desperate mind - a lack of soft, fluffy comfort.
Shades of purple and black underneath these eyelids.
There you are one second, and gone the next.

A beauty flickering within my eyes - I can't sleep.
I can't lose myself to the darkness.
Because I can't bear the pain of having to shut the image of you.

Cupped hands filled with water - I splash upon my face.
Because I don't want to lose my thoughts, or my vision.
For all I think and wonder about is you and your every perfection.

Every etching of your face, every fiber of your body.
It instills and inspires - it moves me and thrusts my motionless reality.

Oh - how I don't want to close my eyes.
How I don't want to even think about giving you up.
Because the loss of you would bring an end to me.

I am dazed, and tired - broken and shattered.
This insomnia called you is all I have left to cherish.
All I have left to suffer and all I have left to live for.

I need to. I want to. I have to stay awake.
But I seem to find myself dosing, and dosing off...