Summary: Boy has both pants and Girl. But with a real violet eyed rock star as competition, the restrictions of being her 'someone,' etc, how long will his victory dance last? SEQUEL to Angst in my Pants.

A/N: Please read the one before this story… Angst in My Pants or else you will be kind of confused when you read this. Unless you were that person who was bumped up a few grades for being so brilliant but even that person would be confused, okay? So please read it. But getting back to Syd and Evan is like floating in a caramel banana sundae filled ship right next to Cap' Jack Sparrow so enjoy or whatever.

The Whole Damn Thing

1. A Sexy Circle Kind of World

"Nothing can change the shape of things to come," Syd sang, finishing the end of the song.

He was in the car on the way to a concert with Evangeline in the passenger seat beside him while Omar and Reggie took up the backseats. They were playing Singing Bee because he watched the show the other night with the guy from NYSYNC as the host and thought that it was almost as good as gyrating to the radio but not as good as Twister.

Because he is still rock god supreme at it—no matter what Brody likes to believe.

Speaking of the redhead, whose name it is now okay to mention, he had left a month before forfeiting his Evangeline time to Syd. He smiled at the thought of it, tongue stud dancing inside his mouth. Or at least feeling like it. The girl beside him was all his and the fact of which was as scary as it was appealing.

"Baby, you're next," he told her, waiting in super jammed traffic but secretly still loving the fact that his Volvo was all fixed up—even though it had been for almost a month.

"Stop that," she snapped.

He fixed his light blue eyes on her with a brow raised. She snapped at him about as much as she did before they had declared themselves to be each other's someone's. But most of the time she needed to explain to him what was wrong… since the answer was as easy to see as Paris happy in jail.

"Stop what?" he asked as Reggie started to sing lyrics from The Way I Are—very, very badly.

"Stop looking at the car the same way you look at me," she explained, running a hand through her newly cut hair.

It was now at her shoulders but still wavy brown, framing her lighter brown eyes. It made her look older in a way that made him think a little dirty but she usually squashed those feelings before they got out of hand. He flicked his cheek stud from the frustration. He wondered if people that looked at him saw the curly tri-hair colored (black, purple, and white blonde), tall a la Ramones inspired punk rocker that he saw looking back at him in the mirror. Or the sexually frustrated seventeen (going on eighteen) year old that he really was inside.

He groaned at the thought of it.

Evangeline shuffled against Omar's poking for her to join in the game, stopping when she heard Syd groan. She slapped him on his arm, the grey wrist warmers she brought on her last trip to the mall making him want to giggle for an hour since it tickled so much.

"You're thinking about sex," she stated plainly. "You always do that groan when you're thinking about sex. Turn off your 'boy' for the rest of the ride."

"Are girls even allowed to know when we're thinking about that?" Reggie asked. He took off his fitted hat since it was hot in the car and adjusted himself on the seat.

Omar shook his head.

"The less they know the better it is for us," he stated solemnly. "Syd get your girl straight on these things…"

He trailed off because Evangeline had sent him a look from hell through the rearview mirror. Something that Rosemary's Baby would have thanked a doctor delivering him with. Syd waved his hands in front of her face to distract her before he took her hand into his and brought it up to his lips.

A moment like this, where the world kind of looked like a sexy circle instead of broken glass filled with global warming, would have been cut short when being Syd's someone didn't mean that much to Evangeline but now that it did she only blushed. While keeping enough red in her face to shoot his friends looks to say that they would be D.O.A. if they commented.

The girl knew how to multitask.

Syd let go of her hand, turning stereo on. Summer Love blasted through the machine, creating a gyrating triangle. Evangeline was still far away from participating but Syd had progressed far enough with her to keep her from wanting to jump out of the car when the simultaneous dancing occurred. Now she was liable to clap along sometimes.

"Gels, I can always feel your eyes on me when I move like that," Syd remarked with a casual wrist flick, "You always have the I've-seen-you-naked look on your face…"

Evangeline brought her face into her hands, trying to see if the if-I-can't-see-you, you-can't-see-me Boogeyman theory would work. A few seconds later showed that Syd was still beside her looking smug.

"…and there are those times when I really question my own sanity…" she thought aloud, trailing off as she fixed the white tank under her black overall dress.

She felt cramped in the form fitting clothes and could almost hear her feet crying from within her slouchy ankle shoes—a bright yellow. But it was worth the pain to see herself looking so much better than the girl whose pants couldn't fit all the way. That and Syd's jaw almost hitting the floor when she came out of her room back at his house.

She closed her eyes to the reality of why she was still there and sat up with a fake smile. There was going to be no thinking tonight, only music.

And lots of after concert pain.

But then again, adding that into the equation would be thinking.

The building was brighter on the inside than she had expected it to be from the gloomy grey bricks outside. Black and brick red striped colored the walls while the stage shined white against everything.

"I feel like I'm a part of a chess set," Reggie commented wryly.

Syd looked back at his company of three with a patient expression. It was the first time any of them had come to a concert of this genre and it showed in their faces how out of their element the each of them was feeling.

"Don't worry all, I shall be your guide," he spoke not unlike that old headmaster in Harry Potter. "We shall journey together…"

"Thou shall shut up now, Shakespeare. Or thou shall never be kissed again," Evangeline said, leading him by a loop in the back of her black skinny pants—the ones her took to get her attention but she let him keep because it was just easier on her self esteem that way—and led him to a spot near the front of the stage.

"Gels, even though I do appreciate the love, please keep your hands off my booty in public. I don't want to be so publicly objectified," he said, letting himself loose from her fingertips so that he could wrap his arms over her shoulders in a hug from behind. "But in private… you can objectify whatever you want."

She bumped his forehead with the back of hers softly but he still made a show of mock protesting her physical violence by hiding behind Omar and Reggie who had come from the bar with virgin drinks.

Both drinks were a light pink that made Evangeline laugh from behind her hands. Reggie saw her staring their drinking after he swallowed another mouthful.

"A virgin for the virgin?" he asked teasingly.

Omar sent up a silent prayer to whoever in the universe was listening before he hit Reggie on the head.

"Somehow, I'd like to think that your hitting him has not contributed to his mental deficit," Evangeline stated.

The two boys looked at her with open confusion on their faces, giving Syd an opening to stick a finger in both of their drinks.

"She means that she doesn't think your hits have made him stupid," Syd explained to a swearing Omar. "My own theory was that you were born that way…"

Both friends had passed their drinks to Syd grudgingly with colorful swearing said under their breath. Evangeline shook off any attempts to share their drinks with him, making him down two glasses one by one. Well, not 'making' since he choose to.

"Have to go use the rock star's room," Syd said, passing his empty glasses to Reggie and Omar the second they returned.

Evangeline raised her eyebrow to him before he left.

"Fine, the male rock star's room. Long live equality and all that fun stuff," he called over his shoulder.

He rolled his eyes when he stepped through the washroom door, realizing that with Evangeline's lectures about something akin to girl power, he was two steps and an electric slide away from being an official member of some new underground women's movement. He shivered at the thought.

Memo to self, do something stereotypically manly like hunt deer only without the Bambi killing, he thought.

Evangeline suddenly had that cold, girl-alone feeling wash over her with intense self awareness. Reggie and Omar had gone to bring back Syd's glasses but had disappeared within the forming crowd. Within the excitement she felt awkward in everything that she was wearing. But it was that urge that had made her to it. The one that tells a person to try something new for once because they are alive and healthy and should try everything while they are still able to do it.

"Hey, is everyone alright tonight?"

Even though the voice had suddenly come onto the stage along with its tall body she had felt disconnected to it in her need be camouflaged between the bodies pressed to her side.

"Beau-ti-ful…" the person on the microphone in front of her stretched out the word. "Are you going to come up here on your own or I'm I going to have to drag you up?"

Evangeline came back to her senses the second her heel touched the bottom step. She was being pushed towards the band for some reason that her short term memory couldn't help her out with.

"Err… I'm not a musician and since even I know that I can't carry a tone, you might as well stop pushing me—"

She had stumbled on stage into familiar arms. Since she wasn't in the habit of hugging strangers she could think of a reason to why the stranger would have limps that her body would recognize.

"I don't care if you can't play or sing," the stranger whispered into her ear. "You're distracting me from down there so you might as well stand and be distracting… or dance."

Her brow arched as she looked up into violet eyes. It was Keith Piper, or temptation in the flesh. Both proved to be true the impromptu Take You Kids to Work Day months before when she was stuck in his arms in a pose of that sexy pottery scene in Ghost. She could almost feel her senses falling away from her body in his eyes. He had some sort of mind Jedi trick thing going on.

"I'm not dancing with anyone," she stated, arms crossed in front of her.

The band started playing the lush opening to Let's Dance, Keith bouncing to the music as he sang in front of her in a smirk that looked like it was just introduced to his face. He held out a hand that she refused to take until the crowd started to get loud and nit-picky with her about ruining their fun.

"You're letting me turn you," he told her, smirk getting wider.

"I'm still in shock from meeting you," she said, "I dance when I'm in shock. Either that or it's the threats from your lovely crowd keeping me here. Plus, it's a spin not a turn."

She knew she was rambling but it kept her from realizing how much fun she was having—which she liked. The faux-hawked blonde had a way of disarming her that was more than disturbing. The end of the song came with another turn/spin with a dip. The crowd went wild for it but Evangeline could feel one of her hips giving out or maybe it was the pain of her shoes kicking in.

Or the surprise of Syd's face in front of hers, back from the washroom.

She wished for it to just be her hips.

It's sort of like that sexy dream about being a rock star calling up your significant other for an onstage kiss in the middle of a song. Well, except for the nightmare part of it when that dream is being had by someone who isn't you and dream is actually reality.

This jumble of thoughts came into Syd's head as Evangeline came down to eye level with him but upside down and in arms other than his. He had come back from the bathroom, catching Omar and Reggie before they went to the exit. The former's cousin had called with another emergency message left on his phone that he had to check out. Since it was so serious, he forgave them for leaving Evangeline alone in a crowd that looked full of dangerous boys now that his someone was left to them.

He reached out for her, letting her say goodbye for a moment before she took off her shoes and let herself fall into his arms. Once on the floor he took her hand and led her away from the crowd.

"What's your problem?" Evangeline asked him, pulling her hand back to put on her shoes. "You're holding to my hand tighter than a woman giving birth. You're going to give me shared-labor-pain-bruises…"

She trailed off without looking at him because he figured that she knew why he was upset but didn't want to confront it just yet. He was almost too angry to think about it. It wasn't jealousy. It was something more, definite, and kind of sad. A girlfriend was suppose to know that things like that were sort of no-nos when her boyfriend wasn't in sight and worried about her being alone.

Not to mention the fact that there was a whole different section of his mind dedicated to worrying about her not being alone with boys.

'The only one she is allowed to not be alone with is me; he thought in his head, and then backtracked for family and friends.

He groaned, rubbing his face in his hands. It was going to be smooth sailing when Brody left; he had planned it to be. Now the boys who wanted to be his rival were all around him. He looked over at the outfit that he thought that she had looked hot in, wondering how many other boys thought the same. Also if there was some sort of girlfriend tag or uniform he could get her to deter competition.

"I can't get another signal from Dom," Omar said flustered. "Either he's gotten himself in trouble or overreacting as usual… too bad he only calls me when he's this upset. He comes out sounding like a 911 call every time…"

Evangeline looked down as they stood around Omar and his cousin issues. She had asked what Syd's problem was out of protocol, knowing that if she had found him in the same situation there would have been some fist introductions made. But now avoiding communication was her easiest choice. Or as she looked at Syd's face—the face with the studs, ocean eyes, and the worrying—knew that no talking was also the cowardly way out.

"Is there anyway to let you kiss me to make this better or will that be too band-aid and bullet hole for you?" she said out of the side of her mouth, moving coming closer to him.

Syd looked down at her with a cute but fake smile then gave her head a pat before signaling over to Omar and Reggie. He had moved to the car before it set in that he had blown off kissing her—something of which would probably be written as a sign of the apocalypse.

Or just very close to the sexy circle world's ending.

Syd dropped Evangeline off last at her home, leaving her a peck on her forehead. The fact that he had done so—when she was still staying over at his place—showed that he was still going to go through being upset with her through the night.

"Goodnight Syd," she told him, reaching a hand to flick the stud on his cheek and smiling brightly as he let her.

"Stop it. I'm going to miss your touch enough," he stated with a wink.

"Get out of here!" she said playfully.

She got out his car with the smile still in place but her hand pointing across the street to his house. She turned around to go to her own, flipping the bird to him behind her back as she whistled to her.

She hadn't been home in a week, leaving for sanctuary when a three-way fight broke out between her parents and grandmother that had made the woman go back hoe and take her uncle Hilo with her. Evangeline sighed at the thought of such an empty house as she carried her shoes with her after opening and closing the door. She wondered if they were asleep as she past their room which—the last time she saw into it—had been the home of twin beds. She heard a muffled scream coming from the room that set her heart into overdrive.

"Oh my god!" she said as she entered and put onto the light, hoping that no one was hurt.

It was like a square transforming into a circle to fit into the hole. The scene came burned into her eyes. Her mother and father on one bed doing something that a child should never be walking in on.

"Stupid Syd," she called out, running into sanctuary part two—her bedroom—and putting on some DVDs of bloody crime scene shows or maybe even House.

She was willing to do anything to get her mind off seeing the-scene-which-shall-never-be-named.

But then again, at least their finally getting along, she thought wryly.

She hit herself with the remote from the upcoming flash back.

Ew, mental vision.

Then she thought about the upcoming wedding and couldn't help but smile. They got married in three months.

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