I'm Sorry

I'm sorry,

I could write that a million times,

but that wouldn't make a difference.

I love you,

I want you to know that.

I wanted to be with you,

but that is just a dream.

We made so many memories,

shared so many laughs.

I thought that you were the one,

but I'm sorry,

that Iwasn't the one for you.

I'm sorry it didn't work out,

if I can go back in time,

I wouldn't change a thing,

You helped mode me,

you helped me,

and for that

I'm thankful.

I'm sorry it didn't work,

but I'm not sorry that it didn't work.

Inisde I will always remember you,

thank you for everything,

and I'm sorry.

a.n. so this is a poem i wrote over my break up w/ my first love. i wrote it not to long ago, but the break up was like five months ago. so i was over the break up, but i wanted to tell him i'm sorry. i never sent him this poem though. oh well... so anyway. u know what to do. leave me a review. its real simple. all u got to do is click tha button on the right and leave one. i don't care what type of review it is... critisms are my favorite though... just as long as i get one.