"Is it really fine..?"

The girl's humming kept him slightly distracted to the sound of the piano underneath her finger tips. She didn't respond to his question as her eyes were closed against the music while she kept playing with a small hum in tune with the melody. Loki found himself staring strangely at her as she seemed to have been taken somewhere else while playing against the music.

April stopped suddenly, her expression pensive as she placed her head in her hands leaving the two sitting alone in silence within the small ballroom as the man pushed up his glasses once more as if feeling awkward in the situation.

"I'll assume," he spoke again, softer, "that its not."

Loki watched the silver haired girl as she leaned over the piano keys, her hands gripping at her face as it seemed she tried to hide the distasteful show of emotion. The lord gripped his face with his palm as his expression turned into one of frustration as he slid against the frame of his glasses.

Cursing under his breath he lifted himself over to the girl as she removed her hands from her eyes; but kept her head lowered and hidden by a mane of hair.

"I heard the village is full of children and elders… Why did they have to invade it? Was there any meaning?"

Her voice was soft and somewhat cracking as she brought her hands to wipe away her tears from her face. He sighed slightly while trying to explain it with as gentle a voice as possible to the upset girl who had seen him draft a few unflattering things for his fancy.

"Even meaningless fights can bring you distinction… Hm? April?"

He was caught off guard at the girl suddenly turning to him. Her expression full of pity towards him as he blinked slightly from her stare; speaking with her tone full of compassion and mercy.

"That's so sad…"

Loki twitched and looked away before turning his back to her and picked up his book before firing another remark.

"If all you're going to do is moan about it…then get out of our way."

He heard her chuckle for a moment with her voice stronger.

"I won't move….," she placed her hands on his shoulder, "Ever…. I will always fight."


"That's disturbing… but I know enough."

The water splashed against her with the cold feeling. Her body was numb all over against the liquid against her. She wasn't down for long, which irritated her, as a strong force grasped her arm and pulled her out of the water; sputtering in defiance as she pulled away but the strength was stronger than her.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

The loud yell brought April back to reality as she met face to face with the tired and out of breath lord who held her wrist.

"…Perhaps.. I-,"

"-was making a mistake to eternally suffer for something you couldn't help!"

"Signore Loki.."

April looked at Loki who stared down at her. Breathing hard as he pulled her while yelling toward her trying to figure out why she would try such a thing.

"You said your dream was to unite people and have everyone work together and live together…a place where no one has anymore war."

April paused before staring at Loki's serious expression; his face flushed from running with his hand still on her wrist. She looked away before responding softly.


"How can you handle that if you kill yourself!"

His tone was maddened as he gripped her shoulders angrily, glaring towards her. She frowned before watching him with saddened eyes.

"How? How can I even make something like that come true?!"

She yelled angrily, her fingers gripping his shirt material as she started to cry again; before he pulled her closed and whispered harshly near her ear.

"I trust you. I trust… that you can."

April looked up at Loki, some what shocked at the Lord's words with his eyes hidden from view, while his hand gripped her damp shoulder as she felt water drip from her hair onto her face. She smiled at him, finally, and laughed at his serious expression before turning her attention to the lake.

"It's really prettier from… above the surface."

Loki sighed.

"At least you're smart enough to at least notice that"