Ha! Try and be brave
Try and be cold
But honestly lying to me
Is getting a little old

I am not the one you can lie to
I am letting you know for sure
I know you are worried
But for that you hold the cure

He is your blood
Part of you all the way
I have been there
And it bothered me every day

See I told you about my father
It is a hard thing to do
But I hope you see it
I don't want it to be to late for you

I know I shouldn't bother
I shouldn't worry how you feel
I don't know why I do it
But what I say is real

I have known you long enough
I can tell when you lie
You don't have to tell me
You don't have to cry

But you should think about shit
Before you just say you don't care
You may regret it
And he may not be there

I know I should mind my business
And this is all you will get
Just make the right decision
Never live in regrett

You don't have to listen
But I think you should try
I know what I am saying
I am not one to lie

It may do nothing
But it could mean alot
I know you are so cold
But why not give it a shot?