To see your face again

The way I did back when

We talked about things free

Talked about what we see

That closeness made me fly

There when we need to cry

So hard to say goodbye…

So hard to see you die…

I want to hear your voice

I want to know your choice

Anastacia, sweet girl

You were my heart and world

Anastacia, my love

I want your dreaming dove

To come back, comfort me

Don't you just let it be…

Anastacia, free bird

I want your soft, sweet words

To be more than just dreams

And to help stop my screams

You were my day, my night

You were stars at twilight

You could bear the ocean tide

You took them in your stride

So close; so far apart

Forever in my heart

Anastacia, my sun

Sadness has just begun

I miss those happy days

The way those rays

Of inspiring sunlight

Shone— amazing and bright

I want you to come back

Take away all the black

Here now in our new world

Our lives have been unfurled

I miss you so much now

Ana, I don't know how

To go on without you

You always helped me through

Anastacia, mère

Won't you breathe the fresh air?

Je veux tu ici, chérie

For I am so wary…

I miss you, Ana, still

Please come give us your goodwill


We love you, here, now, Gaea