Chapter One

Sighing heavily, she turned off the water and stepped into the huge bathtub. The water caressed her naturally slight tanned body as she lie back into it. With another sigh, she dunked her head into the warm water. Her eyes closed and her hair waved around the underwater figure. Not one moment later did she hear her cell go off. Lifting her head and wiping the water from her face, she waited to hear the message.

"Gorgeous, lovely, beautiful, sexy Reg! It is your favorite person in the whole world… if you don't know who I am I shall inform you. I am the superb Cate almighty. Well I have to go love but call me… OR ELSE!" Reg smiled slightly at her friend. Cate and Trina. Her two best friends. The only two people she really cared about in this world.

Cate, never anything else, Summerland. Absolutely the best person in the world. With her slight Australian accent, she was a total babe. Long blonde hair that is always up, and her honey gold eyes only add to her tremendous beauty. She is the one who keeps Reg smiling and with her dry, sarcastic humor, she is quite the character.

Trina McBeth on the other hand had the Irish genes. Amazing red hair and soft green eyes help her personality. Trina the quite calm friend is the one who is able to help out whenever asked. Though she hadn't join Cate and Reg until two years later, sophomore year, they loved her.

Stepping from her bath, she went to her room and came to see her mother entering her room.

"Regina! Get dressed. Nicolas and I will be waiting in the office." And with one more disgusted look, her mother left, slamming the door behind her.

'Love you too.' She thought bitterly. Slowly, she went into her closet and dressed. Jeans, a tee and a sweatshirt, her usual attire.

Looking in the mirror, she stared at the person reflected at her. Dark brown hair, with honey highlights, cut in layers framed her face. While full frontal bangs covered her eyes. Light blue topaz eyes, the only thing she inherited from her mother. But then again, her mother's eyes were hard and had a dark look in them. For a moment, she admitted she was fearful. But she quickly shook her head and decided it was time to go down.

Knocking first, she entered to see her mother sitting in her usual manner, poised with fake beauty, and her stepfather, Nicolas at his desk.

"You wanted to see me?" Reg inquired, taking a seat by the window.

"Yes." He looked up and cleared his throat before continuing. "Regina, we, being your mother and I, have recently discovered a startling fact about your father's will."

"And this matters to me why?" Reg growled quietly, annoyance lacing her voice.

"Regina hold your tongue!" Her mother whispered harshly.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, everything has been left to you. Nothing for your mother. Seeing as how I have a problem; my company is close to bankruptcy, I have come up with a compromise.

"My friend, a company friend, has agreed to invest but only if I agree to have you marry his son. Seeing as how I have no money I must agree… unless you sign over all of your inheritance." Stopping, he watched as all this sunk in.

"Regina, Nicolas and I will allow you the night to think about this but at breakfast tomorrow you must have an answer." Her mother spoke up.

Living in a world full of chaos, Reg knew how to keep her emotions in check, usually. But hearing this made it very hard to control them. 'Let Daddy's thing to that man? Or Arranged Marriage?' Her eyes became fixed outside on a tree as she tried to organize her thoughts.

"Go now Regina and think about it." Nicolas spoke through her thoughts. Almost subconsciously, she stood up and went out the door but stopped to listen.

"Leslie, I hope you are right about your daughter."

"Of course I am, darling. Besides, she probably thinks most of her father's money is gone. She'll give it to us. I promise."

"I dearly hope so. There is too much in his estate that I need. Also, if she discovers we had an affair before his death, she will rebel and then disaster."

"Don't worry darling…"

Reg had heard enough, she walked off. Her long legs ran from the study to the third floor, her domain. It consisted of only four rooms; bathroom, bedroom, office/library, and a lounge room.

"Well let's make a list of this and see the better choice." She told herself. Grabbing paper and pen from her desk, she sat and started it.

Give Daddy's Money to HIM:

Parents Win

I loose everything

Daddy's Name is destroyed

No Husband

Things continue as is…



Maybe a true family???

Parents DO NOT WIN

I get away from Parents

No more getting hurt?

"Looks to me as if the Arrangement wins." She whispered to herself. She was going to be leaving Cate and Trina behind, this brought tears to her eyes.

'What will I do without them? They are my sisters, or close to. They're practically all I have. What will I do without my crazed blonde Cate? Without my angel Trina?" she cried silently, as her thoughts reeled in her mind.

'You could be happy.' A voice whispered in her mind. The voice was a mix of Cate's and Trina's voices. This made her realize she would make it. Cate and Trina would understand and would still love her. Cate would probably email her twenty-four seven while Trina would call every other day. Finally, she got up and called the maid.

When the maid came, Reg stood up and told her, "Tell my mother and Step-father that I will agree to the Arranged Marriage and will not sign over my father's estate."

"Yes, Miss Whitney." The maid then scurried from the room and down the stairs. Reg followed behind but at a much slower pace.

When she came to her step-father's study once again, she was not surprised at their expressions. Hate. Pure murderous hate played clearly in Nicolas' face. Her mother was utterly furious and could tell there was no love; there hadn't been much in a long time, between them.

"Why you little deceiving wench!" Nicolas spat.

"I chose. You had better call him tonight. I am going to be gone for the evening but will be back late tonight. Don't bother staying up." She replied heartlessly, never taking her eyes from him.

"You will regret this." Her mother spoke.

"Just as you will regret cheating on my father with this arrogant ass." Before she could utter another word, Nicolas grabbed her harshly on the arms, shaking her roughly.

"Who told you?!" He shouted. Reg grew frightened, glancing at her mother, her eyes begging for help but her mother just looked away.

"She won't help!" He shouted again and grabbed her chin roughly to look at him. Wrenching herself away, she ran.

She ran down to the garage. Her heart raced, her eyes locked on the car and her feet barely touching the ground. Running was another hobby of hers and at that moment, she thanked the skies.

Quickly she started her car and sped away from her so called home. No music played as she drove, the only thing heard was the rain… 'This will not continue.' The voice repeated in her head once more.