I cannot read this poem without remembering how I'd written it for a poetry contest... only to send it to the wrong email.(sigh) the things you discover at 5 am in the morning...

Freefall to You (Liquid Tar remix) – 3/16/07

I am lost sailor

sailing seven seas . / light

beckons me and burns . a beacon?

yes . only love-branded eyes . you

Smattered in the sky . yellow stars wheel

chart courses dice with Lady Luck . / spin

Romeo-and-Juliet love


(those are games but this is real)

This is high melody

pleasant nightmare . torrid dream run

sweet euphoria down my throat . / milk

and honey ripple of the ages


and i shake . melting . / because

Angelwings, i am a sinner.

so cleanse scarlet sins make white as snow

purify me . with a word / lovely saint

(i've sold my soul to you

psyche for a sin . an empire . a starry starry night)

Because find you and i'll find myself

falling freefall . to you / love