My Sight.

I am far from becoming what they are.

I do not think I will ever try.

But the way they continuously analyze me

Makes me want to collapse and die.

Alone I stare into walls of reflection

I gaze waiting with passion and full of heart

But in the presence of beauty and elegance

I run the race that never starts.

And here they come across me

Poking me with sharp terms

The daggers strike the front of my soul

This lesson I'll never learn.

They hate the way I dress

They hate the way I speak

There is never perfection seen by them

For I am not strong, but weak.

There is not a way to tell

No way to translate my lack of spark

I was never an amazing creature

I kept hiding in the dark

Here I'll stay, I'll be away

This world they create it's pure outstanding

They made me dislike my qualities

They never strived on understanding

I'm the one to be out first

I'll be the one to run across the sky

If beauty was a told promise

I would know it was a lie.

They will thump me harder and harder

The light I'll see becomes darker

I have no way to express light

This is life through my sight.