Kinetic Poetry

Her fingers create kinetic poetry, her slim hands in fluid motion, as she uses sign language. She gasps, her eyes widening in pretend fear, as she tells scary stories to her younger brothers and sisters. Then with a sultry flip of her hair, she becomes a seductress sitting in a corner with a drink in hand, flirting with her eyes.

His lips drop effortless syllables, his mouth tipping upwards, as he employs his business smarts. He talks, his eyes softening in feigned care, as he clasps hands with his clients, both prospective and current. Then with a cynical smile, he becomes a hunter stalking corporate gatherings with a Blackberry in hand, working with his charm.

I have been plagiarized fourteen times in the last two weeks. For this reason I am taking down everything but the first chapter for my long stories, so I can preserve my timestamps and prove that I wrote the stories first. If you guys need more information, please refer to the plagiarism notes for my long stories. I am now in the process of taking down this one-shot.

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