Last Chance Episode 1: Pilot

At 8AM sharp, the alarm sounded. Andy Pace woke up to start his day. He made himself a hardy boxed breakfast, took a shower, put on a nice suit and left his apartment to start the day. And what a day it was for Andy. Today was the day he was to receive an award for his amazing musical talent. His girlfriend, Talia, greeted Andy outside his apartment building. She said to him, "So, you ready for this afternoon. This is going to be a big opportunity for you." Andy replied, "Of course I'm ready. This is my first major award. Its only natural that I'd be excited." Talia said to him, "We have an amazing party waiting for you this evening, so don't be late." Andy said, "I wouldn't dream of it." And Andy left her and headed to the auditorium to attend the ceremony.

As he was walking to the ceremony, he passed a man running like his life depended on it, just narrowly missing a collision with the guy. Andy yelled, "Hey, watch where your going dude." back at the guy. Andy received a called from his sister, Jessica, wishing to congratulate him on his award. Andy arrived at 11AM at the auditorium, and as greeted by Professor Anthony Carmen. The professor said to Andy, "Mr. Pace, we at the University of San Teresa, wish to extend to you, a full college scholarship for your great achievement. We would most enjoy having someone of your musical talent among our most skilled alumni." Andy said, "Well thanks, that's really going to be a help to me. But San Teresa is not in commuting distance, so I'll probably have to get a dorm there." The Professor said, "Oh, that will be no problem at all." The Professor went about to do other business. Andy grabbed a lunch and waited as people showed up at the ceremony. His girlfriend, his sister, and his best friend all met him at the stage where he was sitting. His best friend, named Thomas, was also Jessica's boyfriend. He said to him, "So, you finally are going to make something of yourself, and you're only 18, barely out of High School. Well, one things for sure, I have got some serious catching up to do, huh?" Andy said, "Don't worry, you'll get there." Talia, Jessica, and Thomas took seats in the front row. Andy was than approached by a young girl, named Mariah. Andy said, "Mariah? What are you doing here?" She said, "I came to support you, we're childhood friends, and your about to take a big step in your life, so I want to be here to witness it." Andy said, "Well thanks, I'm glad that you could come." Mariah took her seat and the ceremony began.

The Professor got up and made a touching speech, and Andy followed. He thanked all those who helped him get there, and played a sample of music on his guitar. After the ceremony in which Andy got his award, he asked Talia to join him in the park before they headed to the restaurant. He told her about his scholarship. She got upset. She said to him, "What? You mean that you're going to leave me? You are already set for life with your musical talent, why do you need to go to college?" Andy said, "Well, music isn't everything. I can always further my study in music, and become even better. But lets not think about that tonight. I haven't confirmed that I'm going yet, so I can always stay." Andy sat Talia down on a park bench, and got down on one knee. Andy nervously reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small jewelry box. He slowly opened it. Talia gasped in amazement at the beautiful ring that was inside. Andy told her how much he loved her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life as her husband. He wanted everything, the single house, the kids, and the family pet. He told her that he wouldn't go to college if that were what she wanted. He asked Talia to be his wife. Talia had tears in her eyes and happily accepted. They embraced each other and Andy told Talia how much he loved her. Andy said, "Ok, now lets go to the party, they're gonna be waiting for us."

At the restaurant, Thomas toasted Andy and wished him a brilliant career. They stayed there until about 9 o'clock at night. Andy left the restaurant and went home to his apartment. He changed out of his suit into shorts and an undershirt and prepared to turn in for the night. However, he was interrupted by a knock on his door.

The next morning, the cops are at Andy's apartment. Andy is dead, and a bloody hole is in his chest where a bullet from a gun entered. He is taken away in a body bag and his house being looked over for evidence. Andy is placed in a body bag and taken out of his apartment.

Andy awakes and sees himself in surrounded by light. He looks around and sees nothing. Suddenly, an older man appears. The man says, "Well, look who's awake. Welcome." Andy asked, "What happened? Where am I?" The man said, "What, you really don't remember what happened last night?" Andy said, "Ah, no, serious, I don't." The man said, "Well, you're dead." Andy asked, "What do you mean I'm dead" The man said, "Dead, as in your soul has left your body and now you're in the afterlife while your body is carted off to the morgue dead." Andy asked, "How did I die? And who the heck are you?" The man said, "My name is Joseph, and I'm an angel, your guardian angel actually. You died last night, when you were murdered, shot point blank in the chest." Andy asked, "What? Who would have shot? Why?" Joseph said, "That's what you're going to find out." Andy asked, "What do you mean by that?" Joseph replied, "The big man has selected you, to receive a very special gift. You, Andy Pace, will assume a new identity, temporarily, you will be known as Chad Cooper. Under this identity, you will be a special investigator and will investigate your own death. You will have 30 days, if you manage to figure out your killer by than, you will be able to go back, and make it so you never died. But if you fail, and are not able to track down your killer within the 30-day period, you'll end up back here, and you'll come with me to heaven. You will slowly gain back memories of that night as you uncover certain clues. Don't blow it Andy, or should I say Chad?" Andy asked, "What? How am I supposed to solve my own murder? How will I know what to do?" Joseph said, "God will guide you, and I'll be there as a comfort." Than Andy was blinded by a big light. He woke up on a park bench, in a suit. His body was different; he no longer looked the same. Andy got up and saw the kids in the park playing with each other. He knew what he had to do, but it was not going to be an easy task. Andy walked out of the park, in search of the answers he now so desperately wanted. LAST CHANCE: TO BE CONTINUED…