Last Chance Episode 8: Case Closed

Andy said to Tina, "Tell me, who killed Andy Pace?"

Tina replied, "He isn't really a bad person. He just made a mistake. It was all a big misunderstanding."

As Tina began to tell Andy what happened, the memories of that came back to him.

Andy awoke; he was lying on the floor. His head hurt from the blow to it. He looked up and saw Harry pointing a gun at him. Harry said

"Good, you're finally awake. Now we have some issues to settle."

"Issues? What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb. You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"No, seriously I don't. What is it tonight?"

"You're sleeping with my wife you no good jackass."

"What? That is ridiculous. Why is everyone out to get me tonight?"

"Maybe it is because you sleep around too much. And now you're going to pay for what you did."

"What I did? I didn't do anything wrong. I don't know if your wife is having an affair, but I can guarantee that it is not with me."

"He's right." Tina's voice came from behind them.

She said, "I have been with another man, but it was not Andy. Let him go Harry, he has nothing to do with us."

Harry said, "No, you're lying, you're just saying that to protect him."

"No Harry, I'm not lying. You have the wrong man. You're making an innocent man pay for what I did."

Harry became mad, "No, I'm making him pay for what he did."

Danny came into the room. He said to his mom crying.

Tina said to Harry, "My son had another nightmare tonight."

"I don't care, he's not my son. I only took him as my own for you."

"Harry, don't do this, it's only going to bring more pain."

Harry shoved punched Tina and knocked her out. He ordered Danny home. Harry pointed the gun at Andy, and said, "You crossed the wrong man."

Andy stood up and said, "No, I didn't do anything wrong. You're making a big mistake."

Harry said, "You're the one who made the mistake pal."

Harry than fired a shot directly into Andy's chest. After a brief second, Andy collapsed and died.

The memories stopped; the last Andy could remember.

Tina said to him, that when she had awakened, she found him dead. She called 911 and reported the crime. Harry was an abusive husband, and beat her and Danny many times before and after Andy's murder. He said that he would not hesitate to kill them if they ever revealed what he had done to Andy. So Tina made up a story to tell to the cops. However, weeks later, Harry was beating Tina as usual, and Danny had enough of it. He said that he was going to tell the cops, to get Harry out of their lives. Harry however ran after Danny. He ordered Danny to stop but Danny continued on and ran towards the stairs. Tina ran after her son but her bruises made her weak and she couldn't catch up in time. Harry grabbed Danny by the neck and ordered one last time for him to apologize. Danny refused. Harry angrily and violently snapped Danny's neck and let Danny's body roll down the stairs. Tina dropped to her knees in tears. Harry had gone to far and later that day, she secretly made the anonymous phone call about Danny's death.

Andy thanks Tina for all she had done. Suddenly, the room was filled with a bright light. When Andy awoke, he was back to the night of his death, after Harry had hit him on the head. Andy had did it; he had his second chance at life, having solved his own murder. Now was his chance to change his future. Harry was still pointing a gun at his head, and going on about his cheating. Only this time, Andy took action. He got the jump on Harry and knocked the gun out of his hand. He kicked it away. Harry got behind Andy and tried to snap his neck but Andy elbowed Harry and than punched him in the face. The commotion brought Tina and Danny into the room. Harry tried to get the gun, but Andy stopped him. Harry punched Andy and ran over to the gun and picked it up. Andy refused to give up and charged Harry. They struggled for the gun and the gun went off three times. Tina and Danny both screamed. Andy stood up. Harry had been shot three times in the chest and was dead. Andy had did it, he had changed his future, overcome his fate. The cops were called and Harry's body was taken away. Candice check with Andy after hearing about what happened. She was glad that he was ok. Talia, Jessica, and Thomas came over as soon as they heard the news, so glad that Andy wasn't hurt. Danny came over to Andy, and said.

"Thank you, I thought he'd never be gone. We're free now, and it's thanks to you."

Tina said, "Andy, thank you. If you hadn't fought back against Harry, who knows what could have happened?"

Andy replied, "Yes, who knows?"

Weeks later, Andy was at the bar with his friends. He had moved on with his life, and he began to move past the events of that night. Joseph's appearances were rare now. This night, however, Andy would get a spooky reminder. That night, a man named Chad Cooper walked into a bar. He sat down and ordered a drink. Andy went over to him and introduced himself. Chad asked,

"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Andy replied, "No you don't know me. But I think I know you."

"And how would you know me?"

"Oh trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

However, unknown to Andy, at this very time, something was happening at the convenient store Candice worked out. She was working the late shift. She was drinking a mug of coffee when a customer came in, and asked for a specific pack of cigarettes. The pack was not up front, but the customer asked that she check in the back. Candice did. While she was in the back, the customer slipped a powdery substance into her drink. She came back, and told the customer that there was nothing in the back. The customer apologized and left. Candice went on with her night, and finished what was left of her coffee. No customers came in for a while, so Candice decided to straighten out products on the shelves. However, as soon as she exited from behind the cash register, her head began to ache severely. She collapsed from the pain.

Back at the bar, Andy asked Chad to join the group and Chad agreed. After introductions, they discussed random things. When it got late, Chad decided to go. However, on his way out, he was ambushed in the parking lot. Andy recognized the man as the guy from the mental hospital.

He jumped Chad and said, "You should have died that night, you should be dead, I killed you; you should have died that night."

Andy was stunned to see this. He had changed his own future, but this event still happened. Would could this possibly mean? Andy had little time to think of it. The cops called his cell. Andy stepped aside to take the call. The cop on the other end asked,

"Is this Andy Pace?"

"Yeah, what can I do for you?"

"Do you have a neighbor named Candice Truman?"

"Yeah, I know her. Why?"

"We found her body in the convenient store she works out. She apparently overdosed on a drug."


"She's dead Mr. Pace."