You turn on the computer. Do normal stuff. Go on Fictionpress. Click on a story. Then it happens.

Weird. The story you clicked on didn't say anything. Suddenly, you feel your eyes getting heavy; you're falling asleep.

Now you're floating above a landscape. You're confused. Then you hear someone running; you see her. She's a little girl, about 6, maybe. She has Red curly hair that hangs down her back. It's tangled and dirty. As she runs, very fast, you've noticed, she cries. You can see the clean lines in the dirt on her face where she's crying; see her shoulders shaking. You only realise her eyes were closed when she opens them. They're dark blue. Terrified. Her clothing must have been very nice once, probably designer, but not anymore. Now they're dirty and bloodied. Someone, or something is following her. You can't see through the shadows. That's the strangest part. It's broad daylight, and there aren't any shadows. There are people all around the girl, but they ignore her. You want to scream at them to look at her, to help her, but you can't. Not without, to be honest, you don't know why you can't. All you know is you shouldn't. So you cry out, "Don't you SEE her?"

Now you're not looking down anymore. You're on the ground. The girl looks at you.

"What did you DO?" She starts to cry harder.

The people slowly turn. You can't see their faces through the shadows. The nonexistent ones.

"Oh," you feel your response to the girl was inadequate.

She rolls her eyes, grabs your hand, and bolts off with you being dragged along. Suddenly, you're surrounded.

the girl looks at you. She tried to tell you. You know, the girl who wrote the summarry, the story. The empty one.