You may never understand,
I may be so young.
Yet I know what I am believing:
There are so much more beyond the clouds
and underneath the ground;
There's so much beyond this life on Earth,
as to doubt, I won't be bound.

They may never understand,
non-believers and believers the same.
But still, I raise my hands:
I know the One who loves me, loves you;
There's so much beyond this life you live,
for the One whom I seek, you may seek too.

My testimony is beyond thirteen years of age,
I hope that you may soon see;
I have a story intact to tell you today,
Proof that the Lord, my God is who he claims to be.

Shrieks of terror awaken me from my slumber,
my dear mother cursing at the cause:
"Baby, baby, why are your eyes shut stiff?
Crib-death, how could you?"
I gaze upon her tear-striken face.
Shock is filling her lungs; suffocating with disbelief...
Baby, baby, how can he be saved?

I'm searching for my Father,
Father, Father, I feel Him here!
I do not whisper my prayer:
"Oh, God, will you dry my mother's tears,
and tell her not to be afraid?
For in your Holy son's name; Jesus Christ;
I bind the death that dare come before this brother of mine,
I pray he arise from his death."

My mother will not speak,
for her throat is dry with confusion.
Paralyzed; barely whispering, words pass her lips:
"How may a child of twelve years
believing in something I've never once knew,
do anything to touch my son's fate?"
But even as a small youth,
I do not doubt my God,
for I know he keeps me strong.

My tongue is not put to silence;
"Jesus! Come over my baby brother,
because I know you will keep him safe!"

Light pours through the windowsills.
Tears are put to an end;
Baby, our baby...
He opened his eyes.

And I may never understand,
But I know one thing for sure;
for anything you may be faced with,
the power of the Lord, my God, will be the cure.