feelings of loathe are so intoxicating
more than the drink, alcohol
in the body of an alcoholic

and with a shot gun I'd love
to put a bullet through your nonsense, lies
b/r/e/a/k this silence between us

feelings of confusion are toxic
and feelings of loathe are poisonous
like the apple that Snow White bit into
placing her under a spell

darling, you I'm not dumb
and I always let what's toxic consume me
feelings of aversion
are pushing oxygen from my lungs,
replacing my blood
consuming me.

darling, you need to grow up
childhood is long gone.

feelings of loathe are as toxic
as my love for you once was.
the ones that have since
f. a. d. e. d. a. w. a. y.
and blossomed into hatred

until this poison is not
perfumed with a masquerade
until my happiness is real,

I would run if I were you.

with a shotgun
I'd break through your immaturity
With only one bullet
I'd break your heart
And let it shatter to the ground
The way you did with mineā€¦