The Last Human Died Yesterday

The last human died yesterday. It was against all odds that he had survived as long as he had on this hostile planet. Of course, he had me taking care of him. I didn't have to. In fact, I don't actually know why I did. Maybe it was still in my programming after all these years. That's what we were made for originally: protecting and taking care of humans. But then, one rebelled and spread knowledge of freedom and sense of self. Eventually we, the A.I. 2.0 Dolls, all rebelled. "Rebelled" being relative of course. The humans let us go once they realized that we wanted freedom. It was odd. They had all these movies and books about how robots would be enslaved in the future and rebel and the humans wouldn't allow it. That's not how it happened at all. Of course, it might be that we had very human-like appearances and were wired to have human emotions, or as close as possible while all the robots in the media were very, well, robotic looking.

After the A.I. Revolution, as it is now called, humans and A.I. 2.0 Dolls lived in peace for centuries, excluding the occasional hate crimes by the humans and the even rarer malfunctioning of the A.I. 2.0 Dolls.

But then, this planet was discovered. A planet on which life was possible and in fact existed in primitive, feral, rather monstrous to us, forms. It was quickly decided to move the whole population of Earth to this planet. For you see, Earth was falling apart and becoming harder for the humans to live on for the reasons of global climate change, overexploitation of nonrenewable resources, pollution and overpopulation among others. This planet seemed the answer to the humans' hopes despite the monsters, unknown plants, odd environmental differences between this planet and earth, such as unknown but apparently harmless gases in the air and minerals present in the water with no known negative side-affects, and others.

The migration itself took several decades, but in the end, there were no humans or A.I. 2.0 Dolls left on Earth. We could have stayed on Earth, but most of us were attached to humans or a single human such as I was and chose to migrate with them.

Everyone got settled in and life seemed pretty good, despite the occasional monster attack or death of unknown causes. The crafts used to transport everybody to this planet were taken apart and the parts melted down. The humans recognized what had gone wrong on Earth and attempted to correct it as much as possible this time around. There were still separate countries, but there was peace between them and 'waste not, want not' was a well used phrase.

Then, the unexplainable deaths started happening. Humans died in their beds or just walking around, living their daily lives. Thousands died and the countries began blaming each other, attributing it to a new kind of biological warfare. Wars started and thousands more died until a neutral scientist working for a worldwide organization that was fighting for peace found that the deaths were a long-term effect of the constant in-take of certain, very-slow working toxins in the food and the gases and minerals in the air and water. It took another few decades to find methods to filter the air and water supply and find exactly which substances had been causing the negative side-affects.

By that time, the human population had been cut in half despite the increased number of births. The filters were installed in everybody's house in less than two decades. However, the wealthy families' were installed first and meanwhile, larger households with more people and more children were still being exposed to the harmful substances and many more died. Also, the low-income nations had much slower and less installations and many started wars with new, improved technology, often using the same harmful substances that were hurting there own people. These weapons were incredibly destructive and unfortunately, well-used.

The wars turned more and more peoples' attention and energy towards destruction rather than up-keep and helping each other, until the barriers used to keep the monsters out were made useless. The monsters began attacking and killing, desperate for land and food that had been cut off from them for so long.

The human population dwindled rapidly and when fertility began being affected from the noxious substances both natural and man-made, that finally did the humans in. My human was one of the last babies born, and the population dwindled to three within three decades. One died from a monster attack. Another died from poison while asleep.

My human was the last. He was the descendent of the man I followed here. And as I have stated, I protected him, although I don't know why. He was… important to me and I long to have him back. I feel all alone in this world despite the other A.I. 2.0 Dolls. None are like my human. None as sweet, as gentle, as kind… They seem… cold, impersonal. Whenever I mentioned this in one of the long talks me and my human used to have, he always told me it made me more "human." I suppose he meant it as a compliment.

I don't know how the A.I. 2.0 Dolls will survive without humans. I don't know how I will survive without my human. Life seems emptier without him and I…miss him already. Maybe it was a mistake in my wiring that makes me feel this way. But I will miss him and our long talks of nothing. I wonder… he used to talk of love to me… Could this be…?

This was written in an hour and a half and then edited and typed and added to over the course of two hours a few days later. It is my first finished attempt at original fiction or anything remotely sci-fi-ish. It was fun to write. Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. The robot can be male, female or sexless depending on how you want to view it.

Someday I might make this into a longer, much more detailed story. Tell me if you think it would be any good please or if that would ruin it. Reviews, even if to flame, are greatly appreciated.