San Dorado Stories: The Dirty Magazine

Character: Robert Townes

Robert Townes sat alone in the bathroom. He looked at a magazine that held images he found sexually arousing.


At his age, most of his peers would be looking at something along the lines of Playboy or Hustler for such cheap thrillers. But not him. He had no interest, sexual or romantic, in women. Nor did he have any such thoughts about men.


Townes did not consider himself a sexual person. In fact, by social standards, he was an asexual virgin. He was content to remain that way, as his social life tended more to involve online than interpersonal activity. He had no intention of selling out to biology. He would become something different than most people, and reconditioning himself was one such way to subvert the cliches of teenage fornication his peers were obsessed with.


He breathed heavily after masturbation, and looked through the magazine. He heard a voice echoing from downstairs. "Hey Rob!" his mother called.

"What?" he replied gruffly.

"You got a new issue of Guns and Ammo magazine in the mail!" she yelled up the stairs.

"I know, Mom!" he called back downstairs, yelling through the locked door. "I just finished with it!"

That part was a lie. He still had a long way to go. Perhaps one day, he could be completely asexual. For now, it was a necessary evil. At least he was redirecting those hormones somewhere positive. After all, weapons had always interested him. If he ever found work relating to them, why not make work into a passion? Besides, it was not like weapons ever cheated on you.


Notes: San Dorado Stories are based on an RPG here on FP, Sins of San Dorado. It is best described as an existentialist technothriller crime drama. As you can tell, the setting is not for children.