Playing Games

My life is exactly like a bunch of different games,

It's messy, crazy, fun, and totally insane.

When all the games are pulled out it looks like just a mess,

And if you plan carefully, you'll win life, just like Chess.

That girl I hate is the Two of Clubs or the Queen of Spades,

And sometimes, in knife throwing, she's that painful blade.

My best friend is perfect, just like the Ace of hearts,

My dad is worth a lot to me, like the bulls-eye in the game of darts.

My family's like the player in Life who has to have two cars,

The news is always murderous, just like the Sorry cards.

I can never figure out just what I want to say,

So when talking to me, it's more like playing CatchPhrase.

Blackjack's rigged; the dealer always wins,

Just like the Bible-Jesus washes away your sins.

I always drive like a video game when I'm on the road,

Like MarioKart, it's difficult to take control.

I wish I could be in Halo, shooting people down,

Or be like Princess Zelda and wear a princess crown.

I'm trying to put together the pieces of Tetris,

But by the second it goes faster, and I always seem to miss.

The Sims are built by someone else and taken off free will,

And they're always doing something wrong, or simply paying bills.

Sims are controlled, and they cry when someone near is dead,

Crazy MadGab's all about what another player thinks you've said.

Boardwalk with a hotel's where I landed, the most expensive piece,

I can't afford it so I sell and haggle 'til I have my own lease.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune, just like Russian Roulette,

With a Full House of little cards, where should I start the bet?

Link is running fast now because his fate is sealed,

You second guess and wonder…Deal or no Deal?

A/N: I'm really bad at rhyming. Pretend for me, please? Also, I did not invent the games, but hopefully they are widely used so you understand the references.