1. Introduction

I'm not the most popular girl in school and I'm not the most unpopular. I'm the girl that's just there. I'm average, I guess you could say there's nothing remarkable about me; I don't get the best of grades, at the tallest I'm 5'1", I have shoulder length dark brown hair, I have a curvy body though with large hips. The prettiest thing on me I guess would be my eyes, they change color from blue to green to grey. Out of me and my friends I'm like a mix of the two of them. I can be shy one minute but when I get to know you I'm loud and slightly odd, I have the ability to blend in to just about any place.

The thing that keeps me going at school though would be my two best friends, Aislinn and Bella. Aislinn is the tallest she's 5'8", she has long dark hair, with dark green eyes, and a nice dark golden tan that complements her curves nicely. She's probably the most outgoing out of us, she has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in any situation.

Bella on the other hand, like me is a little on the short side at 5'3", unlike Aislinn and myself she has long waist length light blonde hair, and the darkest brown eyes, unlike me she barely has any curves she's much more slender. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet but if you cross her you better watch out. When you put the three of us together things can get a little crazy, all the shyness goes right out the door.

Still no one notices us.

At least until I grabbed Dante O'Connor's ass.

Uh oh, he looks pissed to. I guess your wondering how this happenedā€¦..

Aislinn, Bella, and I were at the mall when we got bored, which is never a good thing. So we decided to play truth or dare, all was well until we got to my turn. They decided it would be funny to have me go up to a total stranger and grab his ass. Turns out lots of people look like strangers when they aren't facing you. Even the schools resident bad ass, Dante O'Connor. Who is he you may ask, well he is the bad ass of my school. He smokes, he drinks he parties hard, and gets all the girls he wants.

Who knew an innocent game of truth or dare could turn into one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Please remind me to never play this game again!


Let me know what you guys thinkā€¦..