Title: In Control
Rating: M
Warnings: FF Slash

A/N: This is a slash fic so seriously, if it offends you, do not read on. This is my first original fiction for a long long while. So I may be a little rusty. Reviews are definately welcome. Praise or constructive criticism keeps me a-ticking.

They had always had a solid relationship. Always. Through everything they had been through, they were each other constants. So why, why now was she being plagued by doubts? The thought of being with someone else had never entered her mind. She wanted to be with Beth more than she ever thought was possible. The way she moved over her, the way it felt to be so intensely close to someone that his or her every breath affected your own, event to the point where even picturing themselves with another person was foreign. There was no difference between them, each was one in the other. People saw them and just saw a perfect couple, sharing their lives, love and laughing joyously at the daily meanderings in life. Thinking about being with someone else was never an entity in her mind, until it became the only thing she could think of.

In hindsight, she probably should be cursing the fact she broke the golden rule. Never talk to strangers on a bus. In fairness though, she didn't initiate the conversation. Emily approached the bus stop and immediately saw her. The girl was standing at the stop, waiting for the bus to take them to some destination. Her flame red hair was pulled back into a high pony secured by a thick black band, a scarf gently caressed her neck and draped loosely in front. The coat she wore, black as the night, stopped at the back of her knees to be replaced by a pair of black, knee high boots, her jeans tucked into them. Emily glanced over to her, trying to resist staring but she was captivated. Her nose was firmly in a book, she wasn't sure which particular tome it was, but the girl was reading the pages intently. As the bus pulled into the lay-by, the girl slipped the small paperback into her bag that lay lazily over her chest and moved towards Emily.

"You first, I still have to find my money." She said in a soft, feminine voice. It was sweet but not too sugary. Emily dutifully obeyed, climbing on to the bus and paying her fare. The girl followed shortly behind her, imitating her actions, even to the point of choosing the same two-seater bench.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting here. The bus is a bit crowded and you look the sanest of the people here. I'm Nell, by the way." She offered out her hand, which was promptly shaken by Emily. A smile crept across her face.

"Emily. I know what you mean, there are some weird people on here." She said, before glancing round at a particularly strange looking older man, with unkempt hair who was muttering random things to himself. Nell laughed at her observation before returning her gaze towards this new stranger. They stared at each other, neither wanting to look away. Nell's piercing green eyes and auburn hair were a clear indicator of her Celtic heritage. Her skin, slightly freckled, was soft and unblemished. A slight layer of mascara brought her eyes more prominence. There was a tingling sensation creeping slowly through Emily's body. A sensation she hadn't felt for a very long while.

The bus lurched from its stationary mode and began its journey towards the city. As the time passed, the increasing sensation of lust surging through Emily's body made her want to explode.

"Where you going?" She asked out of desperation. The silence between them had been bearable but Emily longed for more. She wanted, needed, to learn more about this person who was successfully turning her insides into mush.

"Oh, I'm going to get some food. I've got down to the last packet of noodles and one egg. It's desperate," Nell stated with a soft laugh. She was confident, that much was assured. However, there was a gentleness to her that was apparent in the way she spoke, "How about yourself?"

"Oh, I'm going to visit my gi..randma, back home. I live in Manchester when I'm not studying. Got to get the train back." Emily replied. Nell smiled, noticing how the sun had created almost a halo around Emily's head. Her mind was telling her so many things that she nearly missed her own destination.

"Crap. I have to go. It was nice meeting you. Might see you round campus. Bye." Nell cooed quietly as she picked up her bag, placed it over her head, laying it across her body, and left the bus. Emily watched as the bus pulled away and she slowly lost sight of her.

The train journey was largely uneventful, an excursion like every other week she returned to Manchester. The scenery passed her by in a blur. It was a telling fact that she could estimate her arrival time merely by looking at what they were passing. The old, detached house, trampoline in the back garden and stables a little way off indicated twenty minutes left of the journey. Normally she would read a book, or glance at the various articles she had to digest for an upcoming seminar. Today though was different. Today her mind was not on university work, nor on the musings of some writer. Angst crept through her body like a carnival parade in a sleepy town, but less fun. It was making itself known, kicking and screaming. Emily and Beth, that was the way it was. They had been together through so much, overcoming the stigma of coming out to their families and the separation caused by university, even overcoming that event that they very rarely brought up but one that still affected their relationship, no matter how much they tried to move on from it. Her love for Beth had been unrelenting for the past three years. Unrelenting until the seed of doubt had been planted by Nell. A doubt that insisted on racing through her mind at speed, thoughts of the words they had exchanged, the looks, the softness of her hand as they had welcomed their new friendship.

Twenty minutes passed quickly. The train pulled into the station and she gathered her belongings. Her usual joy at meeting Beth had been diminished by the intense lust she was experiencing for Nell. A lust that had long gone from her relationship with Beth. Though she loved her more than her own life, and would do anything to for her, the intensity of feelings she had experienced towards Nell was something she couldn't ignore despite knowing that she would have to. Thankfully, the realisation that she might not see her again suddenly reared its head. In the six months that she had been at University that was the first time she had seen her. The chances of seeing her again would be remote and for that, she was reassured. Grudgingly.

"Hey baby, how has uni been this week?" Beth excitedly shrilled upon seeing her girlfriend. Emily dropped her bag onto the ground near the door of the train and embraced her. It had only been a week since they had last seen each other, but in that moment, Emily realised that she had something good with her. Something that she could not just dismiss for a small, chance meeting. She pushed back a strand of Beth's blonde hair behind her left ear before gently laying a kiss on her cheek.

"I have missed you so much. Fancy going straight back to yours. I don't think I could cope with seeing Mark at the moment." Emily said with a mischievous grin on her face. Go visit my brother or go home and fuck my girlfriend? Hard decision. Beth smiled in the lascivious way she always did when she knew exactly what Emily was alluding to. Her rose stained lips parted slightly as she kissed Emily, took her hand and led her towards the bus stop.