On my 16th birthday, it rained heavily. And it didn't take long for my hometown to become flooded. Water raged through the doors and windows of my hometown's houses; soon my family and I had to climb up to the roof. The water level kept rising and we couldn't do anything about it. Many people in the town couldn't make it to the roof and I saw the water swallowing them...

Some of them were my friends; one of them was a girl I liked. I liked her very much; she had been invited to my birthday party on that day. But then my birthday party didn't happened, instead of party, there was tragedy.

In my family, my younger brother, who was fifteen years old, was the very first victim I saw. His body was relatively weak for his age and he couldn't make it to the roof. The current carried him away. His hand reached out for help. He screamed for my dad, mom and me… But my family couldn't reach him. I tried; I tried my best to grab his hand; I almost jumped into the water to save him. But before I could do that the water swallowed him. And his hand that was waiting for help was nowhere to be seen.

My mother burst into tears as water swallowed him. My father tried to comfort her, but I guessed it wasn't easy. My father didn't say a thing, he just hugged her and she cried on his shoulder. Both of them looked so depressed, my mouth couldn't say a single word to comfort them. I guess I was depressed too, just like them.

However, the tragedy didn't end. It continued to swallow the people. The water particularly didn't leave my family alone and it tried in to eat another family member. And it succeeded in swallowing my mother. Whoever guessed there would be a second wave? It just grabbed her and made her disappear from my eyes.

I couldn't help it.

I felt so hopeless. I knelt down. I was shocked, but then my father tried to comfort me. I knew in my head that my father must have felt more hopeless than I was. But than, I couldn't help it. I just couldn't hold myself up and comfort him.

When I thought everything was destroyed, finally the red helicopter appeared above us. The flying machine sent two rope-like cables, and there was a shout,

"Tie it to your waist; there's going to be another wave!"

As we did what the rescue team said, they started to pull us up, but before we safely entered the flying machine, we were in the sky.

"We have to pull you up from here; it's safer that way!"

But they were wrong…they were never right at the most tragic moment. The guy who supposed to pull us up was in a hurry and the cable couldn't stand the heat it created. One of the black cables started to make noises; it was my dad's. I grabbed my dad's hand immediately, one…. two…. three! The cable that was supposed to hold my dad was cut what prevented my dad from falling from the sky were my hand and the cable tied to my waist.

"Dad! Tie my cable to your waist! Hurry!"

At that moment, I heard the noise; I think my dad heard it too. The same noise before my dad's cable got broke.

"I think this is the place where we say good-bye, son."

"No! Dad! NO!"

"Sorry, son…but I didn't forget your birthday present."

He suddenly took out piece of paper and put it into my pocket. And than he said,

"Happy birthday…Cheon Yong"

Then he unfastend his glove; I didn't know he had been wearing a glove, and his hand slipped from my hand. He was going down. If he had fallen into the current he might have survived but he didn't. He fell onto the roof, and the reddish fluid from his body started to color the roof. Soon half of the roof was colored red.

I tried to jump down. But two large hands grabbed me, preventing me from going down,

The last thing I know, I was screaming,


The paper my dad gave to me, was a letter. No, it was a note or should I say the last will of my dad.

"Dear Cheon Yong,

If you are reading this, I'm, perhaps, dead.

My son you know well, it is very strange for everyone to have the same dream of conception. However, apart from me, they were telling the truth.

I was the only one who had a different dream of conception. And now I am willing to tell you.

Everyone said they dreamed of a dragon flying to the sky; however, I dreamed of a warrior who had a huge sword and the wings of an angel.

And behind his wings there were your grandparents, your mum, your brother, your aunt and I.

At that moment I decided to name you Soo Yong, but I guess the majority wins, huh?

My son, this is my selfish wish. Could you be called Soo Yong after my death?

Your loving father,

Youn Hea Sik"

A few weeks later, my aunt came to pick me up. when she saw me, she rushed to me and held me tight. She was crying.

"My dear boy, I am so sorry, I shouldn't have been so cruel to your parents. I didn't even know you were born."

My aunt, Youn Suk Ha, had been against my parents' marriage, however, my grandparents approved of it. And that's how I was born. But before my birth, my aunt removed herself from the family household, and never contacted us or any other family member. And I guess that's what she meant by being cruel to my parents; however, she didn't look like that kind of person.

Anyway, basically that was my first time meeting her.

"My dear nephew, what is your name?"

And this was what I said...

"My name is Youn Soo Yong"

After six months living in my aunt's house I started to see some kind of creatures. Yes, creatures that like to follow people, one creature per person. And you don't need to buy them, they are free...But don't get the wrong idea, they are not some kind of pet. They are not some kind of guardian angel or spirits who like to protect people. If they are, they should have helped their masters from danger. However, they don't. They let them die.

And at the same time, I started to hear the voice. Remember this. I said 'the voice' not 'voices'. Some supernatural people say they hear voices of ghosts. But not me, I hear one voice and this guy calls himself Cheon Yong. Yes, I know, my former name used to be Cheon Yong, but this guy says it's his name. And he said that it is correct that my name is Soo Yong.

Anyway, he told me what those creatures are...

Those creatures that only I can see with my naked eyes, they are called 'FATE'.