There are many people

Who think they have a double personality.

But we are different from them.

Even though they say they have a double personality,

It's nothing but the soul acting like two different people.

But we are different from them.

We don't have a double personality.

But we have one body but two souls.

Confused? We are confused too.

Anyway we are different from them.

It is because we are two in one.

Not one acting as two…

Cheon Yong

There are two good things, if one doesn't have a body. Firstly, one dose not feels tiredness, pain or anything that is related to physical pain. Secondly, if one does not have a body, one does not need to force oneself to wake up early because he/she is no longer part of the curse of Adam, which one must work to stay alive. However, my case is different. As I feel sun hits our face I have wake up because I made a promise with this fool who loves to sleep.


I shouted inside Soo Yong's mind; of course, I can overtake our body and do all the school preparation for him, but it would be another painful experience for him and me. Basically the pain occurs during the change is not physical but spiritual.

Confused? That is my intention, I love when the people ran into chaos. Alright, I think that is enough to show that I am not really a 'nice' guy or what human calls 'kind' person.

'Cheon Yong, it's 6 o'clock.'

Okay, so I woke him little earlier than I am supposed to, however is that my fault? I technically cannot see the clock because our eyes are closed.

'How can I see the clock, you idiot! I can only sense it unless you sleep with your eyes open!'

To clear the clouds, this is what I meant; I can see what he sees, no, to be exact, what our body's eyes see.

'You know that I have an alarm clock to wake me up, right?'

Well, yes. I know he has an alarm clock, but who can trust such a small noisemaker?

'You've got to be kidding; if that tiny noisemaker can wake you up I wouldn't bother to wake you up.'

'Oh, shut up! And you know today is Saturday, right?'

Here we go again, Soo Yong is trying to convince me that I am wrong. Sadly, I've been counting the days and I know exactly which day is today.

'You think I'm stupid? Today is Monday. I promised you that I wouldn't wake you up on weekends except Sundays, remember?'

'That stupid promise! Can't you just break it?'

'I can't break it because you made me promise remember? Besides, if we are late for the school, our body needs to do some stupid exercises as punishment! And I don't want that!'

Good reasoning, don't you think? I mean who wants to go around the huge soccer field five times with a huge tire tied on his back?

'That reasoning of yours!'

Soo Yong scratched his hair, I think. I mean I can sense something touched our hair, and it wasn't gentle, furthermore I could feel Soo Yong's irritation. Well that doesn't always mean he scratched the hair but I am making an educated guess. Anyways, if I had our body, I would have been smiling, because he was going to say something I want to hear.

'Ach! Forget it! I give up!'

Yes! He said the phrase! If I had our body, I would be jumping on the bed like monkey! Wait, may be not. I am not a fool who likes to do such a thing. May be I would just smirk, I think. I mean, you know, I am such a cool guy and who is mostly calm and all? Well it may not be all true, but still I don't think I would seriously jump on the bed, that is what child does. And l am not a child, I am way too old for to be called 'child'. Well, of course I am not old as who humans call 'God'.

Whatever, thinking too much hurts my head if I had one that is.

And hey, what can I say? Soo Yong is a nice guy. If he wasn't, he would have argued that he is correct, which many human tends to do so. This makes me wonder sometimes 'who was the girl he liked before the tragedy happened?'

Yes, I know about the tragedy that happened to Soo Yong's family. I was there, inside him.

But don't get the wrong idea. I am not like 'FATE' who likes to kill people.

I am 'FATE' killer, who likes to kill 'FATE', and I already told Soo Yong as I introduced myself.

Soo Yong

The voice, which had introduced himself as Cheon Yong, and who likes to take control of the body sometimes, is a 'FATE' killer.

However, I have not seen him killing one yet. The fist time he took control of our body was when we came close to my pastor; he said he shouldn't reveal his identity. But it was a painful experience.

Anyway, right now, that is not important. My school bag is packed and I am ready to go.

'Shall we go?'

Cheon Yong said it as if he was waiting for me near the door.

I wish I could have argued that I was right, well sadly I knew today was not a weekend, so I had no choice. Besides I don't want to disappoint my aunt.

My aunt is a very rich person and she is not married, which explains why many guys want to earn her heart. But if that was the only reason it would have been very easy for every guy, because that would mean she's ugly but rich, right? Probably, I might be saying things unclear.

Another reason is that she's very, I mean amazingly, beautiful. Yes, I know she must be at least 30, but when one sees her, she looks like a young lady about 23 or less. Furthermore, she's called an 'ice queen'. Well, that's what every guy says about my aunt, but then, she is called as 'Angel' from the neighbors. Anyway, she has fair skin, long silky black hair, and about 170 centimeter tall. By accident I realized her waist was 26 or less centimeter and thanks to one of my dirty friend's questions, obviously one must have guessed what the question was, she answered she was 'D-Cup'.

Okay, enough of my aunt's personal information; what I am trying to say is: now I am living in the house of my aunt. Her house is a three-story mansion. Inside the mansion there are 20 rooms. Well, to be specific we have 25 rooms, but excluding the kitchen, computer room and maids' and servants' rooms, then we have 20 rooms in the mansion. About the servants and maids don't get the wrong idea; it was their idea to stay as maids and servants for my aunt. Anyway my aunt is very kind person; she gives them holidays to meet their family or relatives.

My room is on the second floor, where I can see the greenish ground in front of my aunt's mansion.

'Hey! Come on, we will be late!'

Man, sometimes Cheon Yong complains too much. He just can't shut his mouth tight. I mean I know we are going to get punishment from that old hag if we are late for the school but that doesn't mean he could yell at me!

'Ok, I got it!'

Oh, by the way, near the mansion there is a storage room. In this storage room is what my aunt bought me: one amazing ride, which has the color of blue sky and a tattoo of a dragon - a bike. But I don't ride it to go to school; instead of riding bike, I run to school as a good morning exercise. But today I don't feel like it; I have too much time.

"Soo Yong, you're going to school already?"

I guess I was being noisy. I woke my aunt.

"Well, I just feel like it."

"Won't it be too early? It's now half past six."

Usually, you can see the ugliness of every woman's face at this time. But my aunt is perfect. She looks beautiful, even though she just woke up.

"Well, you know me, dear aunt. I am a very hard working guy."

"Yes, I know. Just like your dad…wait a moment. I will get your lunch."

My aunt's cooking is very delicious. She even cooks for her maids and servants sometimes. And with that kind of heart and beauty, who wouldn't want her as a bride? The reason she has so much money is that she's a movie star. She changed her name after removing herself from the family branch. And she lived up to her dreams; now she's one of the famous movie stars.

"Here it is, have a safe trip."

And she kissed me on my cheek. It feels good, you know? To get a kiss from such a beautiful person…

"I will, and do your best on today's drama show!"

And here I go!

Cheon Yong

Man, when Soo Yong gets a kiss from his aunt, I feel so jealous, asking myself, why not me?

Anyway, here we go, walking towards the place where you can see some hot girls. Yes! Hot girls! I am not Soo Yong who likes to dedicate himself to learn something new. I like to see pretty faces, mini skirts and some…ok, you must know now that I am a bit perverted but isn't it natural, for a guy to be interested in girls?

But Soo Yong, he is not natural; he doesn't care! He doesn't care who is a beautiful girl in his class or in his school. He doesn't care what's happening on the roof. I mean, if he is a boy he should, you know, care about the fights happening in the school, no?

I mean he's not weak. He can fight, you know; he made one guy pay for his crime. I mean, if you call bullying a crime that is. He is even famous among the policemen; he saved one little girl from the criminal who was holding a gun in the supermarket.

But it didn't make it to the front page of the newspaper, because the parent of that little girl was too famous people. I guess they didn't want it to go out in public.

And this guy is too shy! He is too formal! He's been using formal language to speak to guys and girls his own age for a month to get used to them.

'Hey, Cheon Yong…The wind is blowing.'

Oh, the wind. It has been some time since I listen to wind's voice. The wind tells me what kind of 'FATE' or whose 'FATE' is moving, but luckily another 'FATE' hunter is killing them, so I didn't really care much. But then the wind also tells me about the fortune of people who are close to Soo Yong.

Today, it's about a guy and a friend of Soo Yong, Jun Sun…And I am afraid it's bad news. Jun Sun has been targeted as a victim of 'FATE'

'Soo Yong it's about Jun Sun.'

'What about him?'

'He is going to die, today'

Soo Yong

Jun Sun is what? Okay I understand 'FATE' likes to kill every people in this planet, but why Jun Sun?

'You're kidding, right?'

'Believe me Soo Yong, I don't joke with the issue of FATE!'

He is not joking. I can feel it since we are using the same body, I can feel his emotion. Emotion of seriousness and little bit of anger, mixed together; it rang inside my mind.

'Cheon Yong, you said there is another FATE killer. So why worry?

As our conversation progress, our body is almost there, very close to school gate. I can see a lot of students and teachers going inside the building.

'What did you say?'

But my luck, I made Cheon Yong annoyed, I think. I didn't want to make him angry because it's like playing a game with a fire.

But why is he annoyed anyway? I mean what I said is not wrong.

'You tell me why I shouldn't be! There are ten of them! Do you think one killer can kill all of them before any human dies?'

Okay, he got a point… And I don't want to lose anybody who's close to me. Three is enough!

'Okay, Cheon Yong… Tell me what to do!'

Cheon Yong becomes silent; when he is silent I can't feel his emotion neither read his thought. Well same for Cheon Yong, if I go silent he too can't read my thoughts neither feel my emotion.

And he breaks the moment of silence by his emotion of anger. And our body is now crossing over the soccer field.

'Give me the control of our body.'

And before I answer our body feels the pain. And without warning, our mouth opened and screamed because of the pain.


After that, I could feel our body become heavier and I see our body starts to fell.

Cheon Yong

Before our body's face touches the ground, I stretch the arms to prevent from felling. I look around and find out that all of the students are staring at us.

I let our mouth open.

"Hamecida Xion- Gi Uk Sang Sil"

Our body as a center, the people starts to faint. But I know it won't be long. Soon they will wake up and starts to walk into school.

"Hamecida Xion- Si Gan Jung Ji- three hours!"

This would stop FATE to attack anyone.

Yes 'Hamecida Xion- Si Gan Jung Ji' prevents time from flowing and FATE cannot attack any human souls when time stops. Well you could say everything stops moving; nevertheless, FATES could still attack the killer. How inconvenient. And when the time stops everything lose its color, except Killer and FATE. Well the Protector cannot lose its color as well but that's another issue.

"Hamecida Xion- Nal Ge!"

Wonderful, wings. It spread out at our back. Black and White.

'Ready, Soo Yong?'

Or else Jun Sun is going to die.

'I am not afraid of heights, and you know that well.'

Oh, yes. I know Soo Yong is not afraid of heights but I was talking about the FATE we are going to meet, it's because this FATE is going to be enormous.

Anyway, as he answered my question I let our wing flap. And here we go……To meet the 'FATE'.

Soo Yong

Am I still weak?

Well, I am... I guess.

I am feeling so hopeless. I couldn't do anything again. I had to ask for Cheon Yong's advice...

No, I had to ask him to use his power.

He can make our body float in the air and he can say some wired words and make people faint, how amazing.

I mean, how can he do that?

'Be ready Soo Yong, we are going face to face with our ugly friend.'

I can feel evil smile made on our face.

'How ugly can it be?'

'Their ugliness cannot be match with any ugly in this world.'

Wow, a jack pot!

'But there are some 'FATEs' looks beautiful as well, the problem is their harder.'

'Why is that?'

'Well let's put in this way, the beautiful flowers are more poisonous than ugly flowers.'

Yeah? I thought every poisonous flower is ugly...

'Anyway, are we there yet?'

I asked, hoping he would say 'No'

'Can't you see that big ugly?'

Well, there is the answer! And I saw what our eyes are looking at.

It has a face with half burned, two eyes on the right and one eye on the left. And I can see its organism pumping, well to be exact, its veins are pumping. Its body shape was not similar to any human beings, but something similar to four- legged animals, and yet their face looks like so human. One can also see that some of the flashes of FATE are missing which implies that one can see through them to see their inner organism.

Wow lucky that I am not facing it directly or else I would have puked on its face. I also realize that it has two tentacles keep touching Jun Sun's head.


'That's their tongue.'

'You got to be kidding….that slimy things are their tongue?'

'You can't expect such a disgusting creature to look like more human right?'

He's right. It won't be natural...I mean for them, having such a slimy tongue must be very natural, right?

Cheon Yong

Here goes nothing….

'Hamecida Xion – Hear me haven and earth, for I am wielder of Chaos and the destroyer of existence, bring me the sword I seek. The Sword that has chosen me as his master! Come Now OMEGA!

It's amazing that the FATES don't attack when you're calling for your weapon. Are they stupid or what?

And it's amazing how Omega appears. In the middle of colorless sky a black whole appears with the powerful beam of dark ray, and all of sudden the beam slowly becomes dark wind that surrounds something. The thing is an enormous two bladed sword. The Length of the sword is about 2 meter long. And its width, you could say 30 centimeters. Quite thick, no?

Anyway, we have no time for details. Omega is thirsty and it is my duty to get his water, or should I say, FATES' blood?

Most of the heroes I know in this earth, example super man or spider man or any man, they beat the hell out of their enemies after they discover their power.

However, for us, as our hand grab Omega, the FATE attacks you like hell.

I wish this was something what human calls a movie... an action movie.


Soo Yong

Man! That surprised me!

As our body grabbed the enormous sword the one of the FATE's legs stretched without warning and almost hit us.

Thank God, Cheon Yong blocked it. Or else we would be flying through the windows. Well even though I won't be the one who feels the pain but I don't want our body to get injured.

'Damm it! This freak is getting in my nerves.'

'Try something! Or are you going to just block freak's attack?'

'Shut Up! I'm thinking!'

Hey no offense Cheon Yong, but you're too slow. I thought you had a plan!

I want to shout it loud but you know, I am no position to say it loud. I am doing nothing but watching what is happening.

I start to feel our hands swinging the sword then I am looking at the one of FATE's legs flying and spinning in the mid air. It happened too quickly.

And there is a horrifying scream echoed, it make me feel sick. If I had ears, it would have been torn apart. The scream was FATE's.

There was a smile on our face and I started to feel chill. It was Cheon Yong's.

As the FATE's scream slowly fades out, our body starts to move in an extreme speed, dodging its attacks. And then FATE disappeared.

'Where did it go?'

Cheon Yong give little laugh.

'It's behind us.'

Our face turned and looks at FATE…

'I slashed it into pieces.'

With his words, FATE that was attacking us disappeared into thin air.

It is our first and very first kill. The blood of FATE was everywhere on the colorless buildings and people...

It make me feel sick and I start to feel my stomach turning inside out.