A/N- The stopry with this song is that I had written a set of lyrics. THis dude that wanted me to join his band wrote a riff for my saong, the riff sounded nothing like my song, had sifferent tempos, and did not mix in. He gave me insted of a heavy yet bluesy sounding riff (like one that would be needed) he gave me the most uninspired INdie sounding song. To me it almost feels like this song is Emo Music, but it ain't. It's an Indie song. THis is possibly the most alternative song I've ever written. I don't write alternative music. This song is not the original I wrote, in fact it has almost no similarities (and the first was way better), this once again was a whole new song I had to write so his riff wouldn't go to waste. THe original lyrics I wrote can be found on my page, the original song was called "Born a Drifter" as a temporary title. I wrote this about a girl named Jena, she wasd a good friend of mine, she recently hit peak low in life and I felt bad for her. This is a very indie riff, I don't think she'd like it. NO, this is not emo music, but Jena was emo tho, and this is about her. And in case nobody knows, Indie Rock is an old genre. It is true that it spawned the Emo sub genre, but emo is too shitty, too depressing, and it sucks. It has no substance...

The lyrics in parenthesis are delayed vocals sang by the backing vocalist

Can't you see them looking at you?
You're wondering why they even care
You can see past their face
You see something behind their evil snare

Why do they even want to know you?
Why do they put you down like they do?
Are you ever gonna escape from those assholes?
What do they even want from you?

What are they tryna' get from you?
(Oh I can't stand their face)
Why do they even bother you?
(Oh I just can't stand that fuckin' face)

Why are they tryna' bother you?
(Tell me does it bother you at all?)
Are you still listening when I'm tryna help you?
(Take my advice and paint it on the wall)

What does it mean when your parents disown you?
What does it mean when your friends walk away?
Can you hate me for trying to help you?
Does my advice help you anyways?

If they saw you smile they wouldn't wanna hurt you
Then you wouldn't worry everyday
I always hoped they'd just leave you alone
I never could want it any other way

What do they want from you?
(Why wont they just go away?)
Why do they even wanna hurt you?
(Just get the fuck away!

Why do they even wanna hate you?
(Why can't it be the way it used to be?)
You don't have to cry no more
(You were always good enough for me

(After the Guitar Solo, Reapeat two lines till fade out)

You were always good enough for me...
(I wish they'd leave you alone)