Guitless Sin...

Do you know the pleasure of

a guiltless sin?

Something so wrong that you

know it's right?

Give in to it just one

more time.

Pleasure your body, your mind

your soul, don't fight!

Everyone does it, you

say to yourself.

You know what to do,

don't grin...

You've wanted this so badly for

such a long time,

Dol yourself a favour and stick

a finger in.

Plunge it straight into that

warm stickiness.

Let good manners and

conduct go to hell!

That sweet feeling enveloping

your finger,

In a few moments will show

you all is well.

Work that finger, you won't

need my help.

If one's not enough, why

not use two?

If one is fun, two is

twice so!

You don't need to be

shy, I've told you!

Now don't worry about making

a mess,

Sticky fingers are easy

to clean.

Just keep your mind focused

on the goal,

In anticipation of the

blissful feeling.

Just gratify that

carnal craving.

You know you've absolutely

nothing to lose!

So absolve your mind of

all feelings of sin,

And finish off that warm

Belgain Chocolate Mousse!

Originally posted on my blog: http://taurius1.