This isn't a story about a hero, about saving the day at the last possible moment with some sort of superhuman power. It isn't about a victim, about struggling against incredible odds to achieve some elusive glory. No, this is simply a record of what events brought fifteen strangers together to become a family, and how this small family changed the world.

Changed the world? Perhaps not so much. But they did raise up a glorious city from the things others had cast away. There was much love and many tears put into the city. From their barest skeletons, the buildings were filled with laughter. As the family grew stronger, so did their city, until finally, at long last, every building reflected the beauty and glory of the fifteen hearts, the thirty hands, which had built it.

And when the city was done, a great many people came to see it. Mysteries and romance, adventures and beauty all unfolded within the bounds of the young city. Some walked, even danced, among the buildings, while others simply watched. There was no question, though, of the brilliance of the city, and all eagerly applauded it's splendor. And the family of fifteen peeked out from the edges of their city, where they had hidden to watch how it was received. On all fifteen faces were smiles- they had succeeded, their city was loved.

But even the loveliest of flowers must fade, and its petals crumble to dust when it's time has come. And so the city did come down again, after all of its admirers had moved on to view newer wonders in the world. When the streets were empty of all but the fifteen, the family stood together, looking at one another with tears in their eyes, and the buildings seemed to lean in closer, too, as if to say goodbye. And though the houses and shops fell to pieces around them, some small parts remained intact. These pieces the family took for themselves, as each went their own way when even the city's dust had been swept away. And while the family walked in many different directions after the buildings fell, all the former glory of the city lived on in fifteen hearts.