A Box of Chocolates.


I've decided to start a new one-short series, so this little kicker will be the end of it for this one. Please enjoy, and for other people who have read this series religiously as I have written it, thanks. You guys are too awesome for your own good. Lend me some.


White Horse - Taylor Swift
(I know, I know, but the song grew on me!)


He'd watched as I'd moped around for a week after he started going out with the girl of his dreams, but he never really said anything. Sure, he made the lame attempt at making me talk once in a while, but really, it was one of those things that was only cured by that week of moping, eating way too many calories for my age and body type and friends saying that there were plenty more stupid fish in the steadily decreasing sea. So what did he do? He went on with life. Was careful with the way he talked to her, but come on, he had the girl now, his sidekick (who had always wanted to be more) could just fade into the background. And that was what she did.

The post-week of the moping depressing thing, she suddenly felt extremely uplifted. She cleaned her room (her mother thanked Buddha several times for that), cleaned her desk, showered more regularly and began to wear things other than sweatpants and ponytails again. She was reverting back to her former, sarcastic, sociable and 'lovable' self. Thank Buddha.

She began to talk to him again. She seemed exactly the same, so he didn't worry about it, except for the fact that they talked less. She was on less, answered her phone less, and always seemed to be busy doing something. This began to perplex the boy, as they began to talk less and less. He decided in his head that it was no use asking about it since when he tried to before, she shut up completely and retreated into that annoying shell of hers, and tried to pay more attention to his girl. But in the back of his head, it still bothered him. Why had they gradually stopped talking?

And then, he began to see her everywhere. In the halls, sometimes outside of school, at parties, everywhere. It was like she was unavoidable. One night, after clicking on his contact list a few times (fine, many times) to see if she was there, and calling her once but hanging up before anything could happen and her phone could ring, he decided that he needed to get his mind off of her completely. He took his girl out, and they went to see a movie. However, as fate had it, as they hung around the food stands, she went off since she'd seen someone she knew. He glanced around, waiting for his order to be done, and then saw her, sitting there.

She looked as she always did, sitting rather straight and gracefully on the chair, dressed casually, a sort of pensive look on her face. There was no one else there, and he wondered if she'd been stood up or something. Feeling someone watching her, she turned in his direction and saw him, look not changing. She smiled shyly, as she did, and gave a small nod as his girl hooked herself back to his side. She had invited her friend and her friend's date, who were going to see the same movie, to tag along. He was perfectly fine with that. They made a remark about a boy passing by who was 'hot! Wow, they don't make them like that around here!'. He lazily turned his head towards this person, who walked as if he owned the place, who smiled widely and had his arms filled with tons of food that must've cost a lot.

He watched as this person made his way to her, watched as she smiled just as brightly back at him, watched as she took a sip from a drink, and watched as she then hit him lightly when he took one from her drink too. He ran through every possibility in his head; brother? Gay friend? Parents' forced date? Cousin? But then the guy leaned in real close, and she stared at him with wide eyes and a smile, and he kept watching, and he didn't want to but he couldn't tear his eyes away. She smiled, he got closer and closer, but just as the moment climaxed, someone stepped in front of the scene, obscuring them from view. His girl dragged him along, and he was forced to look away.

He went to the movies to get his mind off of her, but the only thing it did was make it worse.

When it was done, they waited outside. He heard her laugh, tried to find her in the crowds, couldn't. Heard another voice mix with hers, tried to find her, couldn't. When the crowd thinned out, she was nowhere to be found. He'd lost her.

And he realized that's what it was; he'd lost her, in more ways than just the literal meaning. He'd lost her in every way.


This is the endof A Box of Chocolates, but the BEGINNING of my NEW series of one shots,

restless momentum.

sweet name, eh?