The thick rush of rain altered my vision completely. I swung blindly at the dark figure before me, wishing that this night, of all nights, had not been so dark. His sword hit me sharply in the arm, but my armour kept out the sting. A thin, black hood covered my head and swept over my face to cover everything else but my eyes. This sheer material was industructable, and our entire army was wearing it. A small sheen of light glimmered off my opponets' shiny, metal armour. I took one powerful swing and brought my sword down thickly onto his shoulder. There was an shattering clank of metal on metal, and a howl from the man in front of me as his armour dented into his flesh. The rain washed the blood away from his wound before I could even see it.

He was enraged, and toppled backwards, barely cathcing his balance. I stood still, panting, holding my sword to my shoulder as I watched him lift his sword with great difficulty.

He walked up close to me, dragging his feet as his breath fogged before him. His tore off his heavy helmet, and tossed it to the ground. The war raged around us, but for now, it was just the two of us. The savage rain instantly drenched the man in front of me. As he got closer and closer, he looked more and more familiar.

I was stunned. Could it really be him?

I staggered backwards, still in complete shock. He lifted his sword up, holding it weakly at first. He found a last ounce of strength, and began to yell as he started to bring it down towards me, in one steely pulse.

I saw her, from the corner of my eye, running towards me, sword lifted high.

"No, no! Run-"
And then it went dark.