I stirred awake. I was tucked tightly into crisp white sheets that smelt of linen and starch. Sunshine feel into my eyes and I frowned, burying myself deeper into the foreign sheets.

"Oh, Sire, you have awoke," A soft voice said.

I forced myself to look to the door way. I suddenly noticed that the bed I was lying in, the room I was sleeping in, was not my own, "Yes, I'm up," I said, slightly confused.

"I was scared that you'd sleep through the whole day. You need to eat to keep your strength up." She had a soft face, as pale as the sheets she had locked me in. Her chocolaty brown eyes peered down at me kindly, and her mop of brown hair was tied back out of her face. Her ears were slightly pricked up at the ends, and she had a very interesting necklace dangling softly on her chest. It was a silver chain, with a thick green stone, shaped into a leaf, with the veins and everything carved in. She had on a thick, white dress that scuffed the ground as she walked to my side. She placed a small hand on my forehead, "Sire, you're still very warm."

I felt very confused. I looked at the open window, and saw that it was mid afternoon, "I slept all night and all morning, and nearly into the afternoon?" I asked her, as she bustled around the room I was in.

She looked over to my with concerned eyes, "Sire, you were not sleeping. You were unconscious for nearly five days. We're very lucky that you came around when you did." She started to move towards me with a tray in her hands, "Now, you must eat Sire, to gain back your strength."

The nurse helped me sit up, and as she did, I was shocked to find how weak my body was. She sat next to me, with one arm wrapped around my back to hold me up. I was shirtless, and the cool air touching my chest felt exhilarating, and I welcomed it. The nurse, who told me her name was Julia, lid the tray of food next to her. There was a steaming bowl of thick, yellow soup, a tall glass of a red colored liquid, and some thin biscuits spotted with raisins. She started to spoon the thick gorge into my mouth. I sputtered at it's surprisingly bitter taste, but forced it down, hoping that even that disgusting concoction would give me strength. I slurped on my red liquid, which was tasteless, and then forced down some raisin biscuits, which, sadly, were the best part of the meal. When I had consumed everything before me, Julia let me lay down again.

"I'm sure your friends and families will be glad to see that you are up and feeling well, Sire," Julia smiled at him and picked up the tray of empty dishes, pushing back a small lock of her hair that had fallen out of her bun and onto her cheek, "I notify them now that you are ready for some company."

"Thank you," I smiled at her, and snuggled down into the fluffy pillow that she had given me. I was starting to like this strange place, this weird hospital. Since there was nothing else to do but wait to see Ajax and Marina, I decided to take a closer look at the room I was in. The room itself was white; white walls, white bed sheets, white curtains. The flooring was a light wood, and the only small bed side table in the whole room was painted white. I took a closer look at the table. Along the edges of the top of it were delicately painted leaves, barely big enough to see. I grinned, as a thought from my childhood came flying back.

My childhood.

I sat straight up, my breath caught in my throat.

It was faint, weak. A little misty, a little foggy. My Mother... Marina? No, not Marina. Not Marina at all. This was someone completely different. This was a ... ? Could it be? Could that be my Mother?

I closed my eyes and tried to focus harder. I could see her somewhat clearer. She was shockingly beautiful. She was tall with regal, long, flowing black hair that rippled to her waist, whip straight. Side swept bangs covered her eyes, but the piercing green trickled through. Her skin was white, pure white, like the soft snow that felt in December. Her lips were pale, and formed a small, crooked smile, something like my own. She wore a thick, green dress, with thin straps, and a plunging neckline. The dress was tight at her waist, and then bellowed into a flattering, loose skirt. A long black train lay behind her, as she stood before a castle overgrown with woods. Vines grew on the stone, and there were trees all around her. It was beautiful. A beautiful memory.

And then, when I thought it was over, there was something more. A small boy, barely five years old. Her ran to her arms open, and she started to laugh the most wonderful laugh the world had ever heard. He ran to her, like she'd fade away if he didn't hurry, and clamped himself around her legs. The woman, bent over and hugged him, laughing and stroking his hair.
And then it was gone.

I woke up in a thin sheet of sweat. I pawed at the bed around me, and I knew it wasn't the same before I had even opened my eyes.

"Ben! Ben! You're awake!"

Ajax stood over me, a grin spread over his face, his hand clamped on mine.

I tore my hand away from him, and tried to jump up. Blood rushed to my head, and I felt sick to my stomach, but I got up to look around anyways, "Where is it? Where did it all go? Julia, and the white room? The bed table with the leaves and my memories?"

I focused on thinking, but I could barely recall the wonderful memory of my mother and the little boy. My Mother? Marina... no? It started to fade and I tried to fight it, but I couldn't. I heard a flash of her laughter and the spark in her green eyes, and then she was gone.

"What are you talking about, Ben?" Ajax looked concerned.

"I wasn't here a second ago!" I started

Ajax interrupted me, "No, you were unconscious."

"No!" I yelled, feeling my head start to hurt, "I was somewhere else... with a.. nurse and a... white room and... "

"You must have been dreaming, Ben. You were out for quite some time." Ajax sat on the bed.

"Yeah... five days," I said, confused about how I knew.

"Yeah,"My big friend squinted at me, "How did you know that?"

"Because I'm telling you that I was somewhere else before I was here! Don't you understand?" I felt frustration creeping up inside me.

"No, I don't understand. Maybe you just need some food," Ajax peered over at me, looking more and more concerned.

"No, I already ate," I mumbled, and lid back down on my bed. I felt sick and my head pained.

"I'll get some of that fresh bread Mama stopped by with today. She made some jam, too. Strawberry, your favorite."

I wanted to tell Ajax that I didn't want it, not with the upset stomach that I had just come down with, but my mouth was heavy, and so were my words. My eyes fluttered closed, and as Ajax walked out, I slipped into a deep sleep.

Julia walked back into the room, bringing a fresh top sheet, and two clean pillows, "Your Mother is very glad to hear that you're okay, Ben. And she loves having you back, but she says that you can't st-"

She stopped, and dropped the pillows and sheet, and brought her hands up to her face. She swept up the items, and started to scurry out of the room. Feeling a flush of panic rush through her, she tossed the linens aside, and picked up the helm of her skirt, starting to run as fast as she could through the castle's hospital.

"He's gone! He's gone! He's left again!"