A/N: A musing. Nothing intensley intelectual, not at all. I'm sure you'll get it. At least I hope you do.

Godfrey's Pets

Thoughtfully, he scratched his head, tongue protruding from the corner of his mouth, concentration set on his childish features. His small hands fumbled with the lid of the glass tank he held. As he removed it, inside his subjects continued to scurry around their home, unaware of his presence. Carefully, he tampered with the world he'd created for them, making sure the light settings were just right. He picked up a smaller tub and scattered some food across the surface of their world. The food tub was empty now, and he probably hadn't put enough in. He'd have to remind his mother to pick up some more when they went shopping next.

Setting the lid back on the tank, he leant back and smiled to himself. He was proud of the world he'd helped create for the creatures within. He'd done well for his age, trying to help sustain their lives and create a home for them. It had stretched his abilities and powers, and though the result wasn't perfect, it was something he was incredibly satisfied with. Plus it had helped cure his bored and lonely weekends, which was one of the reasons he had started in the first place, besides of course, his naturally innocent curiosity.

He kept his eyes on the earth before him even as he heard his mother come into the room. She sighed happily when she saw her son watching the slowly revolving globe in the tank that he'd practically created. Needless to say she was proud of her little boy.

"Come on Godfrey, leave them be for a while now. Daddy's taking us shopping,"

He smiled, jumping to his feet and bouncing to his mother's side. With one glance back at the tank, he left the room.

"The humans need more food Mummy," He stated happily as she helped him put his shoes on, "Can we get some when we're out?"

-- Even Gods Dream, July 16th 2007